How long have zebras been on Earth?

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around 4 million years ago. The Grevy's zebra is believed to have been the first zebra species to emerge. Zebra Characteristics.
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How long has bacteria been on earth?

The earliest life is thought to date back to 3.5-4.28 billion yearsago based on undisputed vs recently discovered fossilsrespectively. Whoever said "about 370 million years" i

How long has earth been earth?

The planet itself has been itself since it was first created by lots of bits of rock and the force of gravity. But Earth probably got its name when people learnt to talk and s
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How long man been on earth?

The human species (Homo Sapiens sapiens) started its existence between 110 000 and 50 000 years ago. Its development diverged from the apes about 5 million years ago. The eart
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How long have humans been on the earth for?

It would very much depend on your point of view and your belief in a deity. Some religions proclaim mankind has been on earth for about 6000 years, others believe different