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High school = January through May (and part of June) College = January through April (and part of May) Typically.

A semester has a duration of 6 months and in some universities it could be of 4 months.
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How long is a semester in college education?

  4 or 5 months - September thru December and January thru May

How much is tuition at Juilliard for a semester?

Probably somewhere around $8-9,000. This doesn't include room and board. One school year, including room and board, is about $48,000.

How long is a community college semester?

A community college semester lasts roughly 4.5 months. This will  vary depending on how long each specific college allows for  Christmas break and New Years break.

How long is Penn State's semester?

semester-based courses are typically fifteen weeks, summer-session courses are typically twelve weeks long

How long is a first semester for middle school?

  First semester is usually from when school starts to Christmas break, and then rest of the year is the second semester. Also two 9 week periods if your school does tha

What months are fall semester?

August through December in most cases.

What is negative points of semester system?

Negative aspects of semester system, * Students are confined only to their course contents. * They do not get time for extensive studies. As a result of this, the knowledg

How long is a semester in middle school?

how long is a semester in middle school? Well , in Middle School , its from when school starts to The December , or Christmas , break . Or two 9 weeks if your school does that

What does semester mean?

A semester is a term usually referring to a length of a school  program. A semester is half of a school year usually around 16  weeks.

How does the semesters work at the university of Phoenix?

  AT University of Phoenix each block of classes is 9 weeks long, two classes at a time. there are 4 classes in each semester, 8 in an academic year. Or a minimum of 30 we

What is Mini-semester system at tepper?

  In Tepper Business school, the semester is divided into 2 mini-semesters (or minis). They have 3 semesters in a year or 6 minis in a year. Each mini is 6-7 weeks long an

How many days in a semester?

Currently with semesters, kids go to school for 85 days before the  Christmas break and 95 days afterward so roughly around 15-18 weeks  each.    That will be a total