How long is a term of office for a US president?

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US presidents are elected to a four-year term. The maximum number of full terms that a president can serve is two. Presidents who took over for another president and have served more than two years can seek only one additional term.
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How long were the terms of office in 1933 for US president?

The term of office for the U.S. president has always been four years. However , on January 13, 1933 the 20th amendment took effect and moved the inauguration date up from Marc
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How long is one term for the president in office?

One full term for a United States president is exactly 4 years, if they got re-elected it would be for another 4 years. After 8 years they will have to step down from office.
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How long is a one term in office for a president?

That would depend on the constitution and laws of the country for which the person in president. In the US the presidential term is 4 years. In France the term is 5 years.