How long is a visa credit card number?

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All Major Credit/Debit Cards Numbers Consist of 16 Numbers In Four Sequences Of Four.
Example: 1234 4444 0000 6789

They Also Include An Expiration Date (12/15 (Meaning: December of 2015)), The Cardholders Name (Jon Smith), and a 3 Digit (Visa, Mastercard, And Discover) or 4 Digit (American Express) Security Code [Located On The Back Of The Card

Usually You Have To Sign The Back Of The Card For It To Be Valid.

To Obtain A Debit/Credit Card You Should Open A Checking Account At A Local Bank Or Buy A Prepaid Card At A Local Store Like 7-11 Or Wal*Mart.
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How do you find your US Visa number - not the Visa Credit Card number?

If you mean a non-immigrant visa such as a B1, B2, F1, H1B, then it's on the visa itself. The visa would be the nice-looking laminated sticker (the new ones, at least) on your

What is the number of the credit card VISA?

One can tell that a credit card is a VISA card if the first digit of the card number begins with a 4. There are, however, a few exceptions including the following: 4903 4905
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What is a sixteen number visa credit card number?

Visa credit cards, like all major cards, have 16 digits and are in 4 groups of 4. For example, one card number could be "1111 2222 3333 4444". Visa cards also have a 3 digit s