How long is the drive from Guatemala City Guatemala to Antigua Guatemala?

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It is 33 miles/50 km between the two cities; will take less than an hour, the road is good.
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Why is Guatemala city the capital of Guatemala?

The original capital city of Guatemala was Antigua. It was alsocalled Guatemala, but in the early 1800s there were severalearthquakes that caused the nearby volcano Agua to erupt. Onlyinstead of erupting with lava it erupted a huge pocket of waterflooding the entire city. Several natural disasters s (MORE)

How many miles is it from Arizona to Guatemala city Guatemala?

Depends if you go ona car or on a airplane. (LAME ANSWER) __ If you are traveling from the city of Phoenix to Guatemala City, you would travel 2,374 miles. This trip would take you close to 40 hours of straight driving, and more typically will take between 3-5 days.

How long has Guatemala been a country?

The history of Guatemala is an interesting one as is most of thecountries around the world. Guatemala has been an independentnation since 1825. That means 2014 is it's 189th year ofindependence.

How much is it to go from Guatemala city to the nearest beach in Guatemala?

Since the nearest beach to Guatemala City is Puerto San Jose, I'll bet that it would about an hour to get there. . Believe me, it's really worth it. It's about an hour and a half. But the freeway down there is a very dangerous drive and many people die every year on it. I do not recommend a tourist (MORE)

Major cities in Guatemala?

There are many cities located in Guatemala, including the capitalGuatemala City. There is also San Juan, Mixco, Villa Nueva, andPetapa.

What is Guatemala?

Guatemala is a country in Central America, the northernmost of the seven countries, and borders Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Where is Guatemala city?

Guatemala City is the capital and largest city of Guatemala, in the south-central part of the country.

Were is Guatemala at?

Guatemala is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize and the Caribbean to the northeast, and Honduras and El Salvador to the northeast.

How big is Guatemala city?

Area 267.2 sq mi . Population: 942,000. . Source: * Area 267.2 sq mi . Population: 942,000. . Source: * Area 267.2 sq mi . Population: 942,000. . Source: * Area 267.2 sq mi . Population: 942,000. . Source: * Area 267.2 sq mi . Populati (MORE)

How is Guatemala?

Is amazing it is the country of the eternal spring. Guatemala is a very interesting country. "How" it is depends on the part of the country you are in. There are rich parts of the country and also very poor parts. The richer parts are generally much cleaner than the poor parts, where there is tra (MORE)

What are some important places of Guatemala city?

Guatemala City is located in the department (territorial division) of Guatemala, and it's the capital of the country. All the main highways start at Km. 0, located inside Palacio Nacional de la Cultura (National Palace), in Centro Histórico (Historic Center). . Guatemala City became the capital (MORE)

What is the telephone area code for Guatemala City?

Guatemala uses telephone country code +502. The subscriber number is a further 8 digits, with no area code, per se. However, most numbers in Guatemala City begin with +502 2. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number i (MORE)

What is the closest city in Mexico to Guatemala?

There are several Mexican cities right at the Guatemala-Mexicoborder, such as: . Ciudad Cuauhtemoc . Amatenango de la Frontera . El Horizonte . Union Juarez . Cacahoatan . Tuxtla Chico . Ciudad Hidalgo . La Libertad

How many miles to drive from Madera CA to Guatemala City?

Good grief that would be several hundred miles. You would be traveling the state which is about 600 miles and then another 700 to 800 miles if I am figuring right. A total of 1500 to 1800 miles. I am guessing here, but I think it would be in that ball park.

How long is the drive from Guatemala City Guatemala to Lake atiltan Guatemala?

About two and a half hours. You must know that there are a lot of curves and that the time will increase or decrease depending on what type of car you are going in. It is best to go during the day as the fog rolls in at night, leaving it impossible to see two feet in front of you. Realize that much (MORE)

What immunizations are needed for antigua Guatemala?

I think the most recommended immunizations that I saw were for typhoid and hepatitis A (which are the shots I got before I went). If you go to your local health department, they should have information on what immunization are necessary. They also have the option of giving you pills for prevention o (MORE)

How long is the drive from Panajachel to Guatemala City?

About three hours. It is best to go during the day as the fog rolls in at night, leaving it impossible to see two feet in front of you. Realize that much of the trip when you get closer to Panajachel are winding roads on the edge of a cliff! Also, make certain you have good brakes!

Is Guatemala the largest city in Mexico?

No. Guatemala is an independent country with its own capital (Guatemala City). The largest city in Mexico is Mexico City, with a population of 21.16 million. It is considered the third largest int the world, behind Tokyo (Japan) and Seoul (South Korea).

How far is it from Oaxaca Mexico to Guatemala city?

By road, you would have to travel 969 kilometers (602 miles) over a 12-hour, non-stop trip. The fastest, easiest way would be to take a flight from Oaxaca to Mexico City (1 hour) and another one from Mexico City to Guatemala City (2 hours).

How long has Guatemala existed?

Guatemala fought for its independence from Spain in September 15,1821, winning it in 1825 and being considered an independentcountry. It originally was ruled by Spain until 1839.