How long is the longest labor?

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About 20 hours?
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What is the wold record for longest labor?

when i was in labor with my 1st child i was in labor for 6 hours. I got admitted in the hospital at 11:40 pm on a Saturday and my daughter was born Monday at 2:16 Pm. That m

How long is the labor?

it takes you four or five days to be in labor for a dog it is a mounth for a cat then it is a day

Who is the longest serving labor prime minister?

This was Tony Blair, by far, having won a third term. Whatever one thinks of his politics and he as a person, he is widely regarded as the most successful labour leader since

How long can you be in labor for?

Anywhere from minutes to days. It depends on the woman, the baby and the circumstances (is the baby caught in the cord etc).. Your average first time mom will be in active la

Who is the longest-serving Labor PM?

The longest serving Labor Prime Minister in Australia was Bob Hawke (23rd Prime Minister) who served a total of 8 years, 9 months and 9 days, from 1983 until 1991. All other L

What was the longest labor ever recorded?

"Cows are very pretty", says Albert Einstein, who is known for his love of atomic bombs. Albert Einstein has been given a large amount of wedgies since he was 10 years old. Ho

What is the longest recorded labor by a woman?

Well, labor usually lasts from about an hour to 48 hours. But sometimes the mother may get tired of it and have a cesarean section. After 48 hours normally doctors will delive
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What is the longest labor strike in history?

The longest labor strike in the history of the United States of America lasted more than three years. This strike was brought on by the workers at a Caterpillar equipment plan