How long it take to get a green card when non-citizen marries a us citizen?

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What would the punishment be for a US citizen who marries a non-citizen to enable them to qualify for a green card and US citizenship if found out?

Answer Jail time, probation, fines, or all three. 18 USC 1015states: Whoever knowingly makes any false statement under oath, inany case, proceeding, or matter relating to, or under, or by virtueof any law of the United States relating to naturalization,citizenship, or registry of aliens.... Shall be (MORE)

If you are a non-us citizen and you are married to a US citizen but your I-94 has expired can you still apply for a green card?

Yes you can, your spouse would have to file all the necessary papers for you. The I-130, I-485, I-765 along with the I-864 affidavit of support. If your spouse is does not meet the required dollar amount in income, they can have a family member or friend sponsor you jointly. These documents would ha (MORE)

If you live in the USA on a green card and marry a US citizen do you become a US citizen?

Answer . \nYes you can become a citizen but it is not automatic because you married a US citizen. You have one thing going for you - your green card.\n. \nYou have to file form N400 - Naturalization papers with the INS to become a citizen. It might take a while because since 9/11, the US has tig (MORE)

How long does it take to get your US citizenship if you marry a US citizen?

A permanent resident can apply for citizenship after 3 years of marriage to a US citizen. You will need to fill out form N-400 ( Naturalization) which comes with a $330 (processing fee) and a $70 Biometric (finger print & background check). If you are applying based on 5 years as a Permanent Resi (MORE)

If an illegal alien gets married to a US citizen how long would it take for the illegal alien to get his social security card and a temporary or permanent green card?

dont . you can`t first apply to the green card (i- 130) then they will answer (2 years) arter the answer you have to pick up your green card at the country your husband is originally from the they will apply the 10 year law punishment for being here illegaly after that period you will be put at (MORE)

If a US Citizen marries an illegal immigrant how long will it take for them to get their green card?

It will take about three months for the work permit and social security number to come out, then another three months are needed for the actual green card. In other words, it will take total of 6months or even less as long as your application and the documents are correct and everything is perfectly (MORE)

How long does it take to get a green card after marrying a US citizen?

Answer . You don't just get a green card. You still have to apply for a visa in order to stay in the United States. . If you get married overseas there are a few different visa options. If the American citizen has been living in the foreign country for over 6 months, they can apply for an I-130 (MORE)

If a US green card holder marry a Canadian citizen will she become a Canadian citizen?

No . No. Assuming that there are no other legal impediments to your entering Canada, you could get into Canada. You could apply for permanent resident status - something you should do BEFORE you arrive in Canada. Being married to a Canadian citizen would probably be a big advantage. Getting Canad (MORE)

How long does it take to get a work permit after marrying a US citizen?

The biometric appointment is usually 1 to 2 months after sending in the adjustment of status forums after you are married in the USA. The work permit usually comes 2 to 3 months after the biometric. The whole process can take 3 to 6 months. It always just depends on so many unknown government varia (MORE)

If you have a green card are you a us citizen?

No. If you are a green card holder for a minimum period of 5 years and above the age of 18 you need to file the immigration Form N-400 to file for citizenship processing and the process is called naturalization.

What if a Green card holder marries a US citizen?

They can stay here. When a green card holder marries a US citizen, he/she gets to share the benefits enjoyed by the US citizen. The US citizen can also file in for the green card holder's citizenship application.

If a Mexican citizen marries a US Citizen the Mexican citizen has a green card and is married for twelve years with a child what happens if there is a divorce?

Nothing, you only have to be married for 3 years before they can revoke a green card for such a matter. And they don't even revoke a green card just for that, they have to prove that the marriage was entered unlawfully and not for the right reasons. The government is not going to force you to stay m (MORE)

How long does it take to petition for a parent's green card if you are a US citizen?

my brother applied for my mom. since mom was in the US already (on a visitor's visa), he applied for both petition (for alien relative) and adjustment of status at the same time. if mom was not in US, he'd apply for the petition first, then adjustment of status once petition has been approved. 2 mon (MORE)

How long takes after you get married to a us citizen for you to get your resident?

It all depends on the process you choose to hold a Permanent Residency card. A good recommendation would be to have an Immigration Lawyer assist you with the application process. Although expensive, the legal assistance is well worth the time and money you will be spending. And depending on the US C (MORE)

How long does it take to get green card if you marry US citizen?

Once the US citizen spouse petitions using Form I-130 for the alien spouse's green card and the priority date becomes current visa will be available for the applicant to enter US will a conditional green card valid for 2 years which using the Form I-485 status should be adjusted to permanent residen (MORE)

How long does it take for a us citizen to marry a Mexican citizen?

This depends on the marriage laws of the jurisdiction in which you are married. First, you must obtain a marriage license. In some U.S. states, you must then wait a prescribed number of days, in other U.S. states, the marriage can be performed the very same day. As soon as the completed marriage lic (MORE)

If you have a green card can you marry a US citizen?

Anyone can marry a US citizen, green card or not. The marriage does not automatically give any special privileges to the newly married person. The US citizen can petition for you to be permitted to apply for residency, etc. It is not necessary to be a green card holder to marry a US Citizen. It is (MORE)

How long does it take to get citizenship after marrying a US citizen?

Im not sure if every case works the same. But I do know that It will all depend on how did you enter the U.S If you came ilegally, the process will take a long time ( we are talking about years) but If not, it takes aproximately 3 or 4 months to get the papers that allow you to work and in another 2 (MORE)

How long after you get married with a us citizen can you apply for a green card?

Individuals who obtain a Green Card through marriage to a U.S. Citizen are granted "Conditional" Green Card status when they enter US just after marriage, which is only valid for two years. Individuals who have been granted Conditional Green Card Status are required to apply to remove the Conditions (MORE)

How long does it take an illegal to get his green card if he marries a us citizen?

This may not be possible at all. There is a penalty if you enter the US illegally. If there was ILLEGAL entry, then it would take a trip to the U.S. embassy/consulate in that person's native country and have a successful I-601 waiver. These are hard to win, but if it is approved, then it would be ab (MORE)

Is an Australian who is married to a us citizen eligible for a green card?

Yes.The home country is not an issue to get US green card provided the home country government has no issues. Individuals who obtain a Green Card through marriage to a U.S. Citizen are granted "Conditional" Green Card status, which is only valid for two years. Individuals who have been granted Co (MORE)

How does a international married to a US citizen get a green card?

An international who is married to a US citizen can get his/her green card in the following manner. The US citizen should file in Form I -130 to sponsor the spouse. The Spouse should then file in form I-485 to adjust the status to that of a lawful permanent resident.

How long does it take to get a citizenhip if you are married to a us citizen?

The person who marries the US citizen should first become a permanent resident before moving on to file citizenship application. They must have maintained the status of a permanent resident for at least 3 yrs. So only after this time can they apply for their citizenship. It is not easy to get US cit (MORE)

Can you get a green card being married to a us citizen?

Of course Yes!! Getting a Green card by marrying a US citizen is the most easiest ways of becoming a PR. After marrying a USC the dependent will be issued a conditional green card which is valid for 2 yrs. The conditional green card holder should apply to remove the conditions on the card and adjust (MORE)

How long does it take to get green card for married son of a citizen?

11 months The Married children of U.S. citizens are third preference to get green card when sponsored by US citizen. First preference for spouses and children below 21 years of age and second preference for unmarried adult children age 21 years and above.Lastly siblings have the fourth preferen (MORE)

How do you get green card for non us citizen in US?

Green card can be got through employer,marriage, relative and diversity visa lottery. To obtain a green card there are many ways: through employment, a family member or marriage. You must be sponsored by a family member in the U.S. in order to apply for a Family-Based Green Card by petitioning us (MORE)