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How long should you wait before having sex with someone you are dating?

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You need to go with what feels right to you. If you're looking for a long, serious relationship, sure, wait a few months (maybe three at most), but don't wait too long. Men are looking for what they want in a relationship too, and part of that is sex. If you wait too long he might go looking for someone else.
My Two Cents.... I think that it is completely reasonable to wait until you get to a bed. A: whatever you feel is right, and if its your first time, sit with your partner and talk it out.
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How long should you wait before you have sex?

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How long should you wait before having sex?

Well I really think you would need to talk to your spouse first and get his input. I would really think if you have alot of goals you haven't acomplished yet (not talking abou
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