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How do you know if your going tohave a baby?

U just take one of those sticks, and pee on it, and it will say this if ur pregnant: +, yes, pregnant. if ur not pregnant: -, no, not prgnant
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What does it mean tohave a long eye contact?

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Sometimes looking deep in someone's eyes conveys many involuntary messages to the other person. Usually this means that you are (MORE)
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How do you know how many babies your going tohave?

Make a fist in your right or left hand. Now make your fist as hard as you can. With your other hand, put your thumb on top of your other hands wrist. If you see a bump or more (MORE)
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Are we going tohave to start paying for youtube?

YouTube has recently devised a plan for users to start paying forsubscriptions to specific channels. However, this did not seem tobe a major success and I have not heard much (MORE)