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How long did the longest dynasty rule for?

The Zhou Dynasty was the longest dynasty to rule in china. From 1122bc to 221bc, this means that the Zhou dynasty ruled for 901 years. Giving the Zhou Dynasty the title of the

How long did the Romanov family rule for?

The Romanov dynasty, ruled Russia from 1613 to 1917. The first Romanov tsar was Michael Romanov. Michael inherited the crown after the "time of troubles" by an assembly of off

How long did the ancient Greeks rule for?

The ancient Greeks did not rule. The Greek world was made up of  hundreds of independent city-states each of which ruled itself.

How long did Darth Vader rule?

from 19 ACY (when luke and liea were born) to 4 ABY when Luke sliced off his hand and the emperor (remember palpatine) and was shocking luke with the dark side of the force an