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How long will it take to get 100 effaced and to labor when you are 37 weeks 80 percent effaced and 2 cm dialated with your first child and you don't know the baby's station but he is in position?

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YOu won't know all you can do is stay hydrated and go for a walk. Walking speeds up the process. Or try some old wives tales like eating spicy food. Your body will know when it the best time. Some people pop at 37 weeks, that is there done time. Answer It can take days to weeks. It just depends on how your body dialates. I was in labor for 37 hours fully effaced and only dialated to three cm. with my first child. I ended up with a c-section. It wasn't to bad just as painful as labor. GOOD LUCK
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How can you induce labor if you're 37 weeks 2 days and 3 cm dilated 40 effaced and the baby's head is sitting at -2 right on your cervix and you literally are bowlegged with his head?

  Answer   You can try nipple stimulation and raspberry leaf tea, but don't worry it will happen eventually.     Answer     If he is at -2 he is not s

You are 37 weeks and 5 days and you are dilated to 2 and 80 percent effaced how soon should or could you go in labor?

  Answer     Sometime in the next 5 weeks.     Sorry I can't be more helpful.     I have examined women with a closed uneffaced cervix and they hav

If you are 3 cm dilated and 80 percent effaced how long until you go into labor?

      I would say........ SOON! I know when I was pregnant I felt like it would take forever! I thought I would always be pregnant and when the Dr. told me I was

You are 35 weeks pregnant 80 percent effaced and 2.70 cms dilated is labor far away for you?

35 weeks is a bit early, at least 3 weeks early as normal gestation is 38-42 weeks, but the baby still has a good chance of survival at this stage. He may need breathing tubes

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and 1 cm dialted and 100 percent effaced how long till labor?

With my last baby I was 3cm and 50% effaced for over a week, had my membranes stripped and my water broke 3 days later with no contractions. I had to be induced. He was my sec

What if you're 39 weeks pregnant with second child 80 percent effaced 2 cm dilated baby at plus 1 pelvic station?

  If your first child is under five years of age, you can expect this delivery to take about half the time it did before. Isn't that a lovely thought? That's the good news

If you are 37 weeks pregnant and 4cm dialated and 50 percent effaced and -1 how far off is labor?

Sorry, it is impossible to determine when the spontaneous onset of labor will occur. The norm is the span of time between 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the given due date.