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How long would it take in ruby for the space center rockets to take off in Pokemon ruby?

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Continueously,it never stops.
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Not true mine is on 30 successful rockets but when it gets to 100 go inside and you can get a rocket + the number of lift offs goes up about 1 every 5 hours
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In Pokemon manga does ruby take his hat off?

  Yes He Does   SPOILER   Him and Sapphire Admit They Like Each Other Then Ruby Takes His Hat Off And Sapphire Realizes That Ruby Was The Boy that Saved Her From A

How long does it take Devon to make your fossil a Pokemon in ruby?

As soon as you give it leave the whole building go back inside talk to the guy who took the fossil to receive your very own Lileep(root fossil) or Anorith(claw fossil).

How do you get into space on Pokemon Ruby for gba?

You can get into space by having a Latios or Latias leveled into 70, then talk to everyone in the space center and somebody will ask you if you want to go into the spce.That's

How long does it take for a rocket to reach space?

All depends on the rocket. The Soyuz, for example, takes about 4-5 min, where as the Shuttle takes about 8. A sounding rocket like Atea 1 would take around 3 minuets.

How long would it take to get to mercury in a rocket?

At the fastest current spacecraft speed (other than re-entry from the Moon), which is about 60000 km/hr, it would take at least 100 days to reach Mercury, depending on its pos