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How many 1 degree angles are are in a full circle?

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There are 360 one degree angles in a full turn
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How many degrees in a full angle?

Circle- 360º\nStraight- 180º\nRight- 90º\nAcute- Less than 90º\nObtuse- More than 90º but less than 180º.

How many 120-degree angles are in a circle?

A circle is 360 degrees. There are three 120 degree angles since 3x120 is 360. If you want, think of the first angle as the one between 0 and 120, the next as the one betwee

How many degrees makea full circle?

360 degrees make a full circle or a complete turn around. For example if you spun 360 degress you would end up in the same spot you started.

How many degrees is one tenth of a full circle?

One tenth of a full circle is 36 degrees.