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How many 1 degree angles are are in a full circle?

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There are 360 one degree angles in a full turn
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What does angles in a full circle add up to?

there are 360 degrees in a circle. Imagine putting a point in the middle of the circle and drawing a line to the edge of the circle (the radius). Then swing than line all the

What fraction of a circle is a 1- degree angle?


How many angles does a semi circle have?

It has no angles because circles are not common shapes. Well they're common but they don't have ANY sides, angles, OR CORNERS!

How many central angles can there be in a circle?

techincally 360 degrees * * * * * Not necessary for them to be integer values. A quarter of a right angle (sixteenth of a circle), for example, is 22.5 degrees. Also, later o