How many Arsenal fans are there worldwide?

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Grenada Sports announced that Arsenal have 27million fans worldwide, making them, unofficially, the third most supported team in the world.
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Does Liverpool have as many fans worldwide as Manchester United?

Liverpool and Manchester united are both very popular teams and am not just writing this because i support man u. both teams have great training but worldwide more people support man u (Manchester united) if you look in matches with man u and Liverpool you will see more man u fans even when they (MORE)

How many neutrons are in arsenic-75?

42 neutrons Think of it this way: Arsenic 75. The number of protons and electrons of an element are always the same. Well, we obviously know that there are 33 electrons in arsenic from the periodic table, and therefore we have 33 protons. So, to find the number of neutrons is simple. The number of (MORE)

How many valence electrons does arsenic have?

The chemical element arsenic, or As, is in group 15, period 4. Thus its electron configuration is 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6 3s 2 3p 6 3d 10 4s 2 4p 3 . Since its outermost shell is 4, arsenic has 5 valence electrons.

How many fans do Liverpool FC have worldwide?

in Ireland they have 1.2 million but world wide its 42 million I'm recently doing some reserch on Liverpool fans in the republic of Ireland,and to me it is Liverpool who is much more the dominant team that people in the south of Ireland follow more so than utd,i would say at least 2 1/2 to 1,maybe (MORE)

How many Valance electrons are in arsenic?

Arsenic's atomic number is 33 which makes the number of electrons 33 also. So the electron's on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th shell are: therefore the valence electrons being the electrons on the last shell are 7.

How many fans do the WWE have worldwide?

The exact number cannot be easily estimated. About 5 million people watch RAW on a Weekly basis in the United States alone. Then add in those who don't always watch it you might get about 15-20 million in the United States. Worldwide might be around the statistic of 80-90 Million.

How many Chelsea fans are there worldwide?

Before 2004 there were like hardly half a million of them. Then they started winning something after that and now i guess around 15-20 million. Facebook page shows 10.8 million and outside that add 10 million more to it.

How many times has arsenal relegated?

Arsenal has been relegated once in their history, in 1913. They finished bottom after only winning one home game all season and conceding a massive 117 goals.

How do you become an Arsenal fan?

Support the club through there efforts, watch them on T.V. go to see them at the emirates and do whatever you can to show appreciation to them. You may want to consider learning there names and fixtures and results.

How many rugby union fans worldwide?

its almost imossible to supply an accurate reply to this except to say that in the last RWc there were 4.2 billion viewers of the game. It would be fair to assume that those who were not Rugby fans would not have taken time to watch any of the games.

How many cups does arsenal have?

Arsenal has 38 cups. Arsenal Home football jerseys … cheap authentic football jerseys . Round collar, short sleeves, Red color and embroidered team badge and brand logo on the football shirt.

How many guns is considered an arsenal?

There is no certain number of guns that constitutes an arsenal because the term is almost always (commonly) misused. The definition of arsenal is: A government establishment where military equipment or munitions are manufactured or stored. When people say something like "He had an arsenal of guns, (MORE)

How many fans do Newcastle United have worldwide?

It's impossible to put a figure on it, but from ticket sales and research there is an estimate that in the UK alone the club has around 1.5million supporters (8th most in UK) and also has hundreds of thousands if not millions more around the world.

How many coaches have Arsenal had before Arsene Wenger?

There have been eighteen permanent and five caretaker managers of Arsenal F.C. since their first permanent manager was in charge of the team. In chronological order, these are: Thomas Mitchell (1897 - 98) George Elcoat (1898 - 99) Harry Bradshaw (1899 - 1904) Phil Kelso (1904 - 08) Geo (MORE)

What football club have the most fans worldwide?

Manchester United is thought to have the largest worldwide fan base but other teams aren't far behind Arsenal (in the premier league to name one) and recently some German and Turkish teams have been catching up

Which team in the NFL has the largest fan base worldwide?

The CLEVELAND BROWNS have the biggest fan club. Check the information and the numbers. The Browns Backers worldwide ( BBW) is the official worldwide fan club of the Cleveland Browns and is considered to be the largest organized fan club in all of professional sports, boasting over 340 chapters a (MORE)

How many rugby fans are there worldwide?

There are few if any accurate statistics for fan volumes. However, in 2007 in excess of 4.2 Billion people watched the RWC. This can aleast give you some concept of how many people now take an interest in the gam. This of course does not include the League sport which has a estimated global viewing (MORE)

Who has most fans Arsenal or Barcelona?

obviously Barcelona, as it is one of the most famous teams around the world, and probably one of the best ones. apart from having fans in Spain, it also has fans in England, France and Italy

How many fans does west ham have worldwide?

they have about 700,000 on the clubs database according to David Gold the Chairmen and probably about 100,000 who are not signed on the west ham website so I would say about 800,000

Who has a bigger fan base Celtic or Liverpool worldwide?

Celtic by Far! They have a huge fan base for a small club worldwide. Liverpool have more in the UK but definitely not in world wide. Liverpool are more or less unknown outside of Europe where as Celtic have huge fan clubs placed in China, Australia, New Zealand, America, Mexico and Canada. So the an (MORE)

Who are better fans Arsenal or Manchester City?

That depends on what fan you are asking, If you are asking an Arsenal fan like myself, then the answer would be biased But if you are asking a City fan, the answer would still be biased. Arsenal has over 125 million supporters worldwide including Queen Elizabeth II Manchester City has an unk (MORE)

How many protons are in Arsenic-77?

Arsenic-77 has 33 protons, as do all arsenic atoms. It has 44 neutrons. It is an artificially-produced radioisotope with a half-life of 38.83 hours. The stable natural isotope of Arsenic is Arsenic-75.