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How many Beanie Sigel albums have gone platinum?

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How many gold-platinum albums does RUSH have?

Im pretty sure its 34 gold records, 3rd most gold records, their behind the Rolling Stones and of course The Beatles, they have atleast 12-14 platinum records, the ovious most

How many times has Eminem gone platinum?

Eminem has received 42 platinum certifications by the Recording Industry Association of America. Twenty-nine as a solo artist and eleven certifications with various artists

How many of Stevie wonders albums went platinum?

In the U.S., three albums (Hotter than July, In Square Circle, and Characters) were certified Platinum (1 million units sold) and one (Songs in the Key of Life) was certified

How many platinum albums does Jay-Z have?

Rapper and music mogul Jay-Z has 15 platinum albums. Each of his  albums went platinum!