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How many GB does the 4th generation ipod touch have?

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You can get in it 8GB, 32GB and 64GB, with the 8GB one being cheapest.
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What are iPod gigabytes?

  iPod gigabytes are the same thing as normal gigabytes. It is a measure of how much storage space is available on the unit (either computer or iPod or anything else). 1 G

How many megabytes are in a 8 gigabyte ipod?

  People for the sake of convienece say the for every GB you have 1000MB but inactuality that is a little off. So your ipod has more that 8000MB(8x1000) it actually has 81

How do you get more gigabytes on your iPod touch?

They only way i know of is to buy an ipod with more space. Come to think of it have the same problem i have a 8gb ipod touch and i have only 2.0gb left and i only have 397 son