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How many GCSE do you need to be a lawyer?

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What GCSes do you need to be a lawyer?

In the way of results, as many A's as possible especially if you want to go to a good law school. I go to King's College Law School and I got 5A*and 4A's so good results help.

What GCSE do you have to get to be a lawyer?

I would say GCSE Grades from A-C cause they are passes. If you get pass grades in subjects about 5 or more you can study A levels and do As level in Law and all other subjects

What gcses subjects do you to be a lawyer i am choosing my gcses very soon and i need to know if my school has the right subjects for being a family lawyer?

GCSE's dont really matter, dont get me wrong they matter but for a lawyer you have to concentrate on A-levels, for a lawyer try and get:   GCSE: English and math at least a

How many GCSES do you need for acting?

To do acting as a career you usually need 5 grades A-D or more. Expressive Arts subjects are usually preferred aswel such as Drama or Dance or Media. For most colleges, when i

How many gcses do you need to get into 6th form?

well the recommended is 5 gcses at a*- c. but it depends on the sixth form your going to. most also take equeverlant to gcses to like b-tecs. The best thing to is too email th

How many GCSEs does a DJ need?

A GCSE is a General Certificate of Secondary Education, introduced  in 1986, is awarded in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.   Relevant GCSE subjects for the role of D

How many GCSEs do you need to get into Hogwarts?

to get into Hogwarts, several degrees are needed;3 a-levels in magic. 1 AS level in triple award science. a good knowledge on mystical creatures, potions and lotions. you will