How many Jews came out of land Egypt with Moses?

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There are no precise records of the number of Jews at the time of the Exodus.
However Exodus 12:37, says 600,000 walking men plus children. In the census taken about a year after the Exodus, recorded at Numbers 1:2, 3, 45, 46, there were 603,550 males (20 years old and older) plus 22,000 male Levites over one month old (Numbers 2:32, 33; 3:39) So how many women would be with 600,000 men? How many children would there be in a typical Jewish family at that time? If all the men had one wife, that would make 1,200,000 adults. If each of the 600,000 families also had three young children with them, that would be 1,800,000 children. Of course, many Jewish families would have had more than three children. However, by the time of the Exodus, many of these children would be adults!
We can see that it gets very difficult to estimate how many Jews in total. If we take the arbitrary figure of 3 children accompanying each family, then, by adding all the children to all the adults we get 3,000,000 people, i.e. Jews that came out with Moses. In addition, though not asked in the question, there were many non-Jews who also came out of Egypt with the Jews, See Exodus 12:38.
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Moses was the spokesman of God to Pharoah, who did not heed the warnings. God sent the plagues which resulted in the release of the Jews, so Moses was an agent of God.

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The Holy Bible records that there were 600, 000 males aged between20 and 60. You do the math, there must have been somewhere between2 1/2 and 3 million in total. (Exodus 12:37

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The Bible lists no figures to answer that question. But a thoughtful reading of the events leading up to the exodus reveals that an effective "screening" process took place
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