How many Jews died during World War 2?

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The figure for the number of Jews who were killed in the Holocaust (or perished from starvation and disease in ghettos and camps) is agreed by most serious historians of the period and of the Holocaust as somewhere in the range 5.7 milllion to 6.0 million (or even slightly higher).
The figure of six million was originally given by SS-Obersturmbannfuehrer Hoettl in evidence to the Nuremberg Tribunal in 1946. Hoettl had worked closely with Eichmann and was well placed to give an informed estimate.
Later, figures were worked out by comparing pre and post Holocaust figures for the Jewish populations of the relevant countries (Germany, German-occupied countries and Germany's allies), making allowance for survivors, refugees and the small number who managed to hide successfully.
The figures have been checked again and again, and there is little disagreement about the overall total.
1. Many Jews perished in the severely overcrowded ghettos (walled in Jewish areas) established by the Nazis in Polish cities and elsewhere.
2. Many were worked to death on inadequate food.
3. Others were massacred in large-scale open air shootings.
4. Large numbers were gassed in extermination camps.
5. Especially in 1944-1945, many died from killer diseases, such as typhus, that swept through the hopelessly overcrowded camps that Jews were forced to live in.
Those Jews who were used as forced labour were registered by the Nazis, but generally no records were kept of those who were killed by gassing on or soon after arrival or of those massacred. For this reason it is difficult to be completely precise about numbers.
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Note that 'in Poland' is likely to be misleading as Jews were transported from all over Nazi occupied western Europe and Germany to the extermination camps siruated in Poland.

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The figure of 6 million was that stated at, and accepted by, the Nuremberg Tribunal. . The figure was restated by Eichmann during his trial. . Holocaust historians have base

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Over 6 million Jews in Europe were exterminated by the Germans and their allies during the war. There were approximately 12 million Jews prior to the war, principally in Polan