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How many Jews were killed by typhus?

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The majority of jews who died during the holocaust were victims of typhus. They had a typhus epidemic which was helped along by strategic allied bombing.

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Thousands of Jews were killed by typhus, such as at Bergen-Belsen camp north-east of Hannover, thousands were killed by starvation, thousands died from various other diseases; however millions were murdered in gas chambers & by firing squads.

Also strategic bombing did not make the typhus epidemic worse. The spread of this type disease is made worse by the close proximity of infected people to others. German camps did exactly what the name of these camps imply, they 'concentrated' them in a tight space, thus creating the conditions for the spread of any typhus. The Germans never intended to treat infected prisoners, just prevent the spread of typhus beyond the camp.

If anything, strategic bombing disrupted German rail traffic making it harder for the Germans to transport Jews to the Concentration & Death Camps.
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