How many McDonald's restaurants are in Beijing?

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When did the first McDonald's restaurant open in Napa California?

Opened By Richard Banger in Des Plains, Illinois in 1955. ___________________________________________________________. McDonalds actually started in California, despite what the "official" company history claims. Two brothers converted their BBQ restaurant to a hamburger stand in San Berndarino, C (MORE)

Most unique McDonald's Restaurants.?

One would surely be the "dinosaur" McDonalds at Kolb and Grant in Tucson, Arizona. The T-Rex in the front of the restaurant has been a ghost, Santa, has been veiled and carrying an Easter basket...and so on. It is a landmark.

What are the major differences between Canadian and American McDonald's restaurants?

I work at an American McDonald's, but we're close to the border of Canada, so we have a lot of Canadian customers. As far as menu items go, the Big'n'Tasty is called the Big Extra in Canada, and they seem to have "junior" meals available with small fries and drinks. American restaurants don't ha (MORE)

How many McDonald's restaurants are there in the US?

McDonald's currently has 13,800 locations in the U.S. According to Fast Food Nation, there were approximately 30,000 McDonalds restaurants in the United States in 2001. It's estimated that 2,000 open every year. That puts it at about 42,000 as of 2009. over 1000000 According to Fast Food Nation, the (MORE)

What is the annual wage for an assistant manager of a McDonald's Restaurant?

It varies extremely based on location, experience, etc. I would say the average scale for an Assistant Store Manager runs between $27,000-$34,000 (I am an Assistant Store Manager myself and make around $32,000).\n. \nHonestly once you get into this point in McDonalds training the salary only gets b (MORE)

What is the starting wage for Cashiers at McDonald's Restaurant?

This will depend on the location. Each McDonald's sets its own wages.. In many areas, cashiers start out at or near the federal minimum wage (currently $5.85 per hour.) Some states have higher minimum wages. For example, the minimum wage in Washington is $7.93 per hour, so cashiers will make at lea (MORE)

How many McDonald's restaurants are there in China?

McDonald's China website lists 759 different store locations. The website also claims that there are 693 "24 hour" service locations but the list provided only had 344 locations. Forbes claims that there are "875 retail outlets across China" Hope this helps. Additional Information: China' (MORE)

How many customers does McDonald's restaurant serve in Greece each day?

There are 48 McDonald's restaurants in all of Greece and therestaurant is losing popularity due to a Greek preference for localfood rather than standardized food. It is estimated that over100,000 people eat at McDonald's in Athens alone, but the totalnumber of customers in Greece is not available.

What are some Negatives of having a global restaurant like McDonald's?

The world is being threatened by this kind of preposterous thing! Its an outrage! On top of that, we can't even sue them. The world is being destroyed and being made in to McDonald's KFC, Taco Bell, Ell pollo loco, and more. Our environment is being destroyed for this!?!?!?!? And they say it;s our c (MORE)

How many McDonald's restaurants are in Hong Kong?

The first McDonald's appeared in Hong Kong in 1975 at Paterson Street in Causeway Bay. McDonnalds opened their 218th restaurant in Hong Kong in 2010 breaking the previous total restaurant number. The restaurant is located in Shatin's Kwong Yuen Estate.

What is the address for the unique McDonald's restaurant in Lafayette Indiana?

The McDonald's Diner featured on Most Unique McDonald's is actually in Kokomo, Indiana The address is: 201 East Lincoln Road Kokomo, IN 46902-3562 Phone: (765) 453-3802 There are additional McDiner's around the country. Search for McDiner in your favorite search engine. Update (2009): Kokomo, (MORE)

Is McDonald's a good restaurant?

mcdonalds is really good and healthy. If u want to get big, muscly and strong, eat mcdonalds everyday of the week. They have awesome stuff on the menu such as - the pickle dipper with slippery dips the corn dog slippery dip with a cruchy chicken and 1 tomota greasy cheeseburger with meat (MORE)

How often does a new McDonald's restaurant open?

According to McDonald's Corporation 2008 annual report, they anticipate opening 1,000 new restaurants in 2009, and adding 200 McCafés (mainly in France and Germany), for a total of 1,200 new locations. This works out to an average of 100 new restaurant openings per month, or one every 7.2 hour (MORE)

How many McDonald's restaurants are in Great Britain?

According to the official McDonald's UK website, "there are approximately 1200 restaurants," 600 of which are franchises. This means that 600 of the 1200 restaurants are owned by individuals or groups, authorized by (in this case) the McDonald's Corporation to operate that restaurant as they see fit (MORE)

Is McDonald's the largest fast food restaurant chain in the world?

yah, it is....there's like over 3 billion in the world today. That's what I learned in Health class at least. ---> actually this is 100% wrong ther is nothing close to 3 billion mccdonalds so you might want tell your health teacher he is wrong. The largest fast food resteraunt chain is subway with a (MORE)

Is McDonald's a healthy restaurant?

No, McDonald's is not a healthy restaurant. Just the opposite, itis very unhealthy. Their foods for the most part are high fat,contain lots of preservatives and additives, and lack anysubstantial amounts of nutrients.

Where are McDonald's restaurants located?

McDonald's are located in 124 different countries and have 31,000 restaurants worldwide. it is located in many different countries such as: . USA . U.K. . japan . saudi Arabia . yemen . pakistan . france and many other countries. thereforee it is very successful.

Is the only continent that does not have a McDonald's restaurant?

Probably Antarica ... . Definitely Antarctica. Not enough scientists and researchers to support any business, not to mention the logistics of delivering supplies. I don't think the Emperor Penguins would mind a Filet-o-Fish, but they have no money. I found out on Disney XD which is worty an XD!

Who was the first woman franchisee of a McDonald's Restaurant?

Her name was Harriet Charleson. She was, I think restaurant #3, located at 901 E. Main St in Alhambra, CA. I believe, in 1953. She bought the franchise from the McDonald's brothers in San Bernardino, CA, a few years before Ray Kroc started working as the franchise agent for the McDonald's. About (MORE)

Where and When did they do first McDonald's restaurant?

In 1937, Patrick McDonald opened "The Airdrome" restaurant on Huntington Drive (Route 66) near the Monrovia Airport. Hamburgers were ten cents, and all-you-can-drink orange juice was five cents. In 1940, his two sons, Richard and Maurice ("Mac" and "Dick"), moved the entire building 40 miles (64 km) (MORE)

Are there restaurants similar to McDonald's in Ireland?

We visited the Emerald Isle in 2007, while in Ennis we happened upon a fastfood restaurant eerily similar to McDonalds....I don't remember the name but pretty sure it was also a typical Irish name, almost a play on the word (NAME) McDonalds. I'd seen other fast food restaurants with the same name in (MORE)

Where in the world are the most McDonald's restaurants?

McDonalds operates more than 32,000 restaurants in 119 countries world wide. Of those, approximately 18,590 (more than half) are located in the USA. Japan comes in second with about 3598, then the UK with about 2600, followed by China (~1500+), Brazil (~1413), Canada (~1400), Germany (~1361), and (MORE)

Does McDonald's pay employees during restaurant renovations?

Most McDonald's restaurants are franchises. That means that the restaurant is owned by the franchisee and not by McDonald's. How employees are or are not paid during down time like a renovation is up to the individual business owner and will not e the same at all McDonald's restaurants.