How many Mexicans attempt to cross the border into the US?

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56,789 on average. They all get into one van and hope they make it

all of them and our idiot president doesnt seem to give a crap. seeing as his grandmother was here illegally what would you expect?
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Why should Mexicans be allowed to cross the US borders?

Answer . Mexicans and people of any nationality should NOT be allowed to cross the U.S. borders illegally, and they certainly should NOT be allowed to stay in the U.S. if

Why do Mexicans cross the border?

Mexico's economy is very bad. In America they can get a low-payingjob and get by, much better than their life in Mexico.

How can Mexicans cross the border?

There regular points of entry in nearly every state that borders Mexico. With the proper identification and paperwork, people can cross at these gates. If an individual wan

How do Mexicans cross the border illegally?

Walking through the desert for days under the scorching heat. Through tunnels that can be filled with water at any time. Smuggled behind the dashboard where if the driver lose

If you are a naturalized citizen of the us can you cross the us Mexican border with your naturalization certificate?

If you are a US citizen you will never be denied the enter to your country. However, you will need to show a valid passport in order to cross immediately If you don't possess
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Where do Mexicans cross the border?

All across the border. If you mean "legally", some important gateways into the US include those found on Otay Mesa (San Diego), Calexico, El Paso and Brownsville among many ot