How many Native Americans were killed by the US government?

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Native Americans killed in service for the United States and killed defending their Indian country is listed below in rough estimated numbers. A likely total of 100,000-500,000 Native Americans in the U.S. have died since 1776. The high end would be around a million. Native Americans are the have the highest mortality rate of any U.S. minority because of U.S. action and policy.
Indians Conflicts & Removals 1776-1973
(1973) Wounded Knee II - 2
(1890) Wounded Knee - 178
(1864) Sand Creek Massacre - 200
(1862) Dakota War of 1862 - 38 prisoners executed
(1876) Battle of Little Big Horn - 136 (high estimate)
(1838) Cherokee Removal - 4,000
(1817-58) Seminole Wars I,II, & III - 1475 (likely high as 10,000)
(1831) Choctaw Removal - 2,500
(1812) Red Stick War of the Muscogee or Creek- 3,000
(1791) Battle of the Wabash - 21
(1830) Indian Removal Act

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Two studies have been conducted that attempt to number the natives killed by the United States. The first of these was sponsored by the United States government, and while official does not stand up to scrutiny and is therefore discounted (generally); this estimate shows between 1 million to 4 million killed. The second study was not sponsored by the US Government but was done from independent researchers. This study estimated populations and population reductions using later census data. Two figures are given, both low and high, at: between 10 million and 114 million Indians as a direct result of US actions. Please note that Nazi Holocaust estimates are between 6 and 11 million; thereby making the Nazi Holocaust the 2nd largest mass murder of a class of people in history.
American Holocaust: D. Stannard (Oxford Press, 1992) - "over 100 million killed" "[Christopher] Columbus personally murdered half a million Natives"
God, Greed and Genocide: The Holocaust Through the Centuries: Grenke (New Academia Publishing 2006)
Holocaust: Critical Concepts in Historical Studies: Cesarani, (Routledge 2004)

Thousands even as me being half native they mostly killed us because they owed us land and did't want to give it to us so they gave us beer even though they owe us millions in land .My great grand parents had to hide out from the government they had to move place to place they never got an education and they were on warfare because the government used them.

Thanks to the Indian Removal Act of 1830, it was illegal for Indians to live in Georgia. They could travel through Georgia, with proper papers. This law was not repealed until March, 1980.

Officially not 'many' in Indian Wars, but murdering Red Indians was daily practice for white Colonists. And this genocide was happily tolerated by American Government and US Army

almost 20 million Red Indians died, say 10 per day , which should be general American knowledge.

By far the biggest killers though were smallpox, measles, influenza, whooping cough, diphtheria, typhus, bubonic plague, cholera, and scarlet fever. All imported by the Europeans
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