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How many Senators are lawyers?

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According to Wikipedia: "Fifty-six [U.S. Senators] hold degrees in the law, of whom forty-nine actually practiced law.
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How many Senate are their?

Senate of Canada - are usually 105 (24 seats for Maritimes, 24 seats for Ontario, 24 seats for Quebec, 24 seats for Western Regions, 8 seat for Newfoundland and the Territor

How many senators currently in the senate?

100. There are 2 from each state. 2X50= 100. At the moment there are only 99; Senator Ted Kennedy is off ill. Rebuttle answer Actually,he is still a senator if he is sitting

How many republican lawyers in congress?

According to congressmerge.com, a searchable database on the 110th congress... Your database search matched 78 members of Congress, including: 19 Senators and 58 Representa

How many Senators are in the US Senate?

There are 100 US Senators. Every state gets 2 senators and there are 50 states. It is important to note that the President of the Senate, the person who presides over the sess

How many senators in first senate?

The first Senate to convene after the US Constitution was ratified had two senators from each of the 13 states. The first senate had 26 senators.

Which us senators are lawyers?

For 11th Congress, here are the names, party affiliation and Law School of each member of the Senate who is an attorney:    Lamar Alexander: Republican: New York Univer

How many senators are there in the Canadian senate?

FAIIILLLL (Note: It is possible for the membership of the Senate to be expanded temporarily to 113 seats, as per s. 26 of the Constitution Act, 1867; an extra senator, or tw

How many black senators are in senate?

Currently ONE: Barack Obama. In history: FIVE, including Barack Obama. United States Senate . In the Reconstruction era . Senator Party State Term . Hiram Rhodes