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How many acres is the Manhattan island?

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Manhattan Island, is the most densely populated of the five New York City boroughs with an estimated population of 1,626,159 people. The island has a total area of 33.77 square miles, which is 21,612.8 acres. However this includes by land and water area. So if it is only the acreage of the land of Manhattan Island that you are interested in, than that would be 22.96 square miles or 14,694.4 acres.
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Who many acres is Manhattan?

Manhattan comprises a land and water area totaling 21,612.8 acres.

How many zip codes does the island of Manhattan have?

By my count, Manhattan Island has 42 zip codes, not including Central Park (which is zip code 00083), and the surrounding islands that are considered to be part of Manhattan (

How many acres in Manhattan?

About 21,600 acres.

How many miles across is Manhattan Island?

Manhattan is 2.3 miles (3.7 kilometers) wide at its widest point, and about 4000 feet (about three quarters of a mile) or 1219 meters (about 1.2 kilometers) wide at its narrow

How many acres in Long Island?

  Long island is 3,630 kilometres in area (1,401 square miles), 190 kilometres in length (118 miles), and 37 kilometres in width (23 miles.)

How many miles in the island of Manhattan?

Manhattan Island is 13.4 miles long, and 2.3 miles wide at its widest point. The total area is 33.77 square miles (87.5 square kilometers), of which 22.96 square miles (59.5 s

How many acres is Montreal island?

The island of Montreal comprises an area of 123,328 acres.