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How many aeroplane flights take off a day?

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100000 a day
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What are the forces on an aeroplane during take off Please be specific.?

The forces on an aeroplane during take off.Firstly the pilot opens the throttle and the aircraft gradually begins to accelerate,meaning that the thrust force generated by the

In what way does the take off of a helicopter differ from that of an aeroplane?

While airplanes need to be in motion with enough momentum to create enough airspeed for lift off, helicopters can lift off vertically without any momentum of the aircraft. Bot

How fast does an aeroplane go at take off?

It depends on a couple of things. The aircraft. Some light 2 or 4 passenger planes can take off at speeds as low as 40 mph, while larger jets cant even lift their nose until

After how many minutes can a flight take off before the flight which has taken off?

Immediately but there is a danger of getting into "bad air". The separation is not controlled in 'minutes' but in distance between the two aircraft. Here are the rules from pi

What parts of an aeroplane help to control take off from a runway?

Any part of the aeroplane that is used to speed it up, slow it down, or manipulate it's shape in order to change it's velocity, altitude or direction is utilized in some fashi