How many amps does a dishwasher draw?

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depends on the model of the dishwasher but their should be a label on your dishwasher that tells you the amps and voltage of your dishwasher hope this helped
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How many amps does a TV draw?

there is a place on your tv that tells you the amperage. just look on the back or in your owners manuel

How many amps does a computer draw?

It depends entirely on your type of monitor and power supply, but you can figure on the average of 100 watts per amp (that's a generalization of course). If you have for insta

How many amps are needed to efficiently run a dishwasher?

Check the nameplate or in themanual for the rating of the dishwasher. If you don't have the dishwasher manual, "Google" the make and model to get the specs. Usually appliance

How many amps does a House draw?

Impossible to tell without a meter. Most homes are wired with a 60amp or 100amp (max) Panel. Checking how many amps are being drawn off a main hot wire should do the trick.
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How many amps does a tumble dryer draw?

It varies from one manufacture and model to another. It will be listed on the dryer data plate.
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How many amps does an oven draw?

Amps for an oven are governed by the total wattage of the oven and what the voltage supply to the oven is.
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How many amps does a led light draw?

Depends on the size of the LED light and the voltage applied. Anexample is an LED 24 volt globe light that pulls 8 watts which draw0.333333 amps. Take an LED 120 volt light bu