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How many animals are killed in shelters every year in the United States?

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about 3-4 million cats and dogs each year :( <---sad face
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Should animal shelters be no kill?

In my opinion, yes. Animals should not be killed if they can't get adopted. Put it this way, if you were in a foster home and you couldn't get adopted, would you want to be ki

Why animals should not be killed in animal shelters?

    Because it's unfair and cruel. How would you like to be killed just because there's not room for you anymore?

How many states in the United States have animal abuse as a felony?

  43 (+ D.C.) states in the U.S. charge animal abuse as a felony. Now Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, N. Dakota, S. Carolina, and Utah need to charge animal abuse a

Why do animal shelters kill animals?

Answer   sadly to say they don't have the money or space to keep every animal and if it is not found a home for within a certain time period (usually 7-10 days) it will

How many people get killed by sea wasps every year?

The amount of venom in one sea wasp is enough to kill 60 adult humans, about 70 children, or 87 babies.

Does every state have a state animal?

No. Minnesota does not. Other states have only a state dog or state horse or some specific type of animal. See the related link for more information.

How do kill shelters kill animals?

Shelters kill animals if they are sick or aggressive. Sadly, they do kill animals if they get too full.