How many animals does Nevada has?

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Nevada has a great deal of wildlife including antelopes, bats, black bears, mountain lions, rabbits, geckos, rattlesnakes and much more.
If you are looking for the number of different animal species that live in Nevada, I doubt you will find a detailed list. It has to be in the hundreds and would include vertebrates and invertebrates. Over 480 species of birds have been found there.

Nevada's list of protected animals currently includes 26 species.

If you are looking for the total population of all animals, that will be even more unknown.
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Animal life in Nevada?

Well I don't really no what your asking for, but I think your talking about what kind of animal life. I no there are still dogs, cats, deers, and much more that you would see

What plants and animals does Nevada produce?

Nevada produces corn, pearblossom cactus (for jelly!) gold, silver, copper, and hay. Wild Mustangs (feral horses) and wild Burros are prevalent in Nevada, available for ado

How many animals are allowed in one home in Las Vegas Nevada?

4 animals in total when it pertains to cats and dogs. You can have more but you have to show Las Vegas Animal Control that you have current Rabies Vaccination for all animals

What is some animal life in Nevada?

There are many animals in Nevada. Species of deer and lizards. Like the Gila monster. Many owls and birds like hawks live here. The owls of Nevada live in the cacti. The water