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How many animals were aboard the Titanic?

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There was the ship's cat named Jenny, nine dogs, 30 cockerels, four hens and a yellow canary.
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How many passengers were aboard the Titanic?

Different sources provide slightly different numbers: the Wikipedia entry claims a total of 2,227 passengers and crew members combined, but does not mention the number of pass

How many life boats were aboard the Titanic?

For its maiden voyage, Titanic carried a total of 20 lifeboats of three different varieties:. Lifeboats 1 and 2: emergency wooden cutters: 25'2" long by 7'2" wide by 3'2" dee

How many cats were aboard the Titanic?

There was one known cat with kittens, she was called 'Jenny' and was the ship's cat. However, there is a debate as to if she left the Titanic at Southampton with her kittens o

How many dogs were aboard on the Titanic?

First you must answer the question how many dogs can you fit on the titanic. Then you may proceed by taking the amount of super rich people and multiplying that by 1.3 to get

How many lifeboards were aboard the Titanic?

The 20 lifeboats that ended up on board the luxury liner were approximately half the amount required to handle the potential evacuation of the more than 2,000 passengers and c