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How many animals were aboard the Titanic?

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There was the ship's cat named Jenny, nine dogs, 30 cockerels, four hens and a yellow canary.
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How many lifeboats were aboard the titanic how many should there been?

The Titanic carried 20 lifeboats enough for 1178 people. They were legally required to carry enough lifeboats to carry 1060 people. The boat was designed to be able to car

How many animals were on the Titanic?

Well, there was the ships cat Jenny, 9 dogs, 30 cockerels 4 hens and a yellow canary altogether thats 45 animals on board the ship but sadly only 2 dogs survived out of all of

What was on C deck aboard Titanic?

there were numerous areas and rooms on the C-Deck of the Titanic, from all different classes and some crew areas aswell in First Class, there were the - a total of 148 sta

Were there any babys aboard the Titanic?

yes there were babies aboard ship there were 8 i know this because i researched only one of the 8 babies survived and she died in 2009 2 of the babies got thrown overboard by

How many animals died on the titanic?

I found this on another site. Im unsure if this is 100% accurate but i belive it is very close. Im too lazy to rewrite it so im just gona copy it to this site (Cheesy i know

How many passengers were in third class aboard the Titanic?

There were just over 700 third class passengers and only 178 of them survived. There are conflicting numbers from the official manifest lists (706 vs 708 vs 721). Answer The

What nationalities were aboard the titanic?

The vast majority would have been British and Irish with a few americans. The first class was people was almost entirely wealthy British passengers that were going on the Tit
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How many cats were aboard the Titanic?

There was one known cat with kittens, she was called 'Jenny' and was the ship's cat. However, there is a debate as to if she left the Titanic at Southampton with her kittens o

What entertainment was aboard the titanic?

There was a lot of entertainment on the Titanic for the ship's wealthy passengers, there was the orchestra, of course. First class had a gynasium, Turkish baths, squash court,