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How many are 78.34 meters are in millimeters?

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78.34 x 1,000 = 78,340
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How many millimeters is 1.2 meters?

1.2m = 120cm   there are 10mm in a cm, so   120x10 = 1200mm    There are 1200mm in 1.2 meters  +++  You don't need the middle step in the first answer. The pr

How many millimeters in 1171 meters?

1,171 meters is 1,171,000 millimeters.

How many in millimeters in a meter?

There are 100cms in a metre, and 10mms in each centimetre. Therefore, we multiply 100 by 10. 100 x 10 = 1000 There are 1000mms in a metre.