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How many beef burgers are made every year?

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Billions and billions ... the exact number would be quite impossible to come up with as the amount of these made would fluctuate with every passing minute of every day.
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What is beef made of?

Beef is a mixture of a variety of chemicals and cow meat, the cows are fed by products and scraps and remains of other animals (such as chickens and pigs) and laced with vario

How many hamburgers can be made with 6 pounds of ground beef?

It depends on how large you want the burgers to be. If you make them 'quarter pounders' you'll get 4 per pound which would be 24 burgers. If you make them big fat juicy burger

What kind of beef does Burger King use?

Burger King uses USDA approved beef. Reportedly, they add things to  the beef to make the quality seem higher. There was even a scandal  in 2013 where Burger King was accuse

How much protein in a 4oz beef burger?

depends on the typ of burger it is? lean, thick extra len etc... but generally anywhere from 16-26gs ... fat contain is way higher 27g -46g.

How many drugs are made every year?

1-3 million tons including crack, marijuana, or anything. speedballs, anything.

Where do bubba burgers get their beef from?

Boneless 2 piece Chuck. We get it from the primal cut and ground it ourselves. No additives. No beef Aditives(pink slime). 100% pure 2 piece chuck

How many people eat at Burger King every day?

An amazing 11 million people eat at Burger King each and every day  which adds up to over 4 billion people a year. Burger King is a  popular fast food restaurant with locati