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How many bikes and cars Dhoni have?

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What is cc in cars and bikes?

  CC stands for cubic centimeters it is the way engine size is measured. Engine size is also measured in different ways. For example a 2000cc car is also known as a 2 litr

What is the difference between a bike and a car?

A car has 4 wheels a bike has 2 you are the engine to a bike a car has an eletrical engine car runs on gas bike run on energy Cars have more thrust than bikes. bikes have le

How many feet should you leave between your car and a bike while passing?

Three feet or one meter. And that's from the closest edge of the cyclist's body or the bike's handlebars, whichever sticks out more. Don't measure from the tire track on the g
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Which has greater momentum - a car or a bike?

The momentum of any object depends on its mass and its speed. If a car and a bike are both moving at the same speed, then the car has more momentum because it has more mas