How many bilingual lawyers in the us?

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How many lawyers are in the US?

Number of Lawyers in the US . According to the American Bar Association, there were 1,128,729resident and active attorneys in the United States in 2006 and1,143,358 in 2007.

How many US presidents were lawyers?

25 of the 43 presidents, including the current President Obama, were members of the bar and qualified to practice as lawyers. Some of them, such as Jefferson, John Quincy Adam

What is wrong with the US being bilingual?

Absolutely nothing. People in practically every other country raise their children speaking three or four other languages. Parents in America need to have their children learn

Is being bilingual bad in the US?

No! More and more places are looking for people who speak more than one language to work for them. The world is becoming smaller by the day, where it becomes necessary to comm

How many schools have bilingual education?

Many schools in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California have programs that allow native Spanish speakers to integrate slowly into English speaking classrooms. The program i

How many lawyers use technology?

To be honest, most lawyers use technology. The definition of technology is "Machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge." So therefore a cellular phone is