How many bits are in 512 bytes?

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4096 bits
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How many bits in byte?

historically, the byte was whatever the computer said it was. There have been computers that use bytes anywhere from 5 to 36 bits long. Today however, almost all computers use

What is a bit and how many bits are in a byte?

A bit is typically the smallest unit of memory in an electronic device. As it is based on a binary system, it can contain only one of two possible values: 1 or 0, which genera

How many bits in 1Mega bytes?

1 byte = 8 bits 1 Kilo byte = 1024 bytes = 8192 bits 1 Mega byte = 1024 Kilo Bytes = 1048576 bytes = 8388608 bits

How many bits are it byte?

One BYTE is always 8 BITs. (Binary digITs) Some data protocols use a different number of bits to define a character, most systems today use 8 bits, some older systems used 5
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How many bit are there in sixteen byte?

1 byte = 8 bits By that logic 16 bytes = 8 x 16 bits So 16 bytes contain 128 bits Do note that bits always typically come in powers of two. 2,4,8,16,32,64,128, and
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How many bits are in ten bytes?

There are 80 bits in 10 bytes. Each byte contains eight bits. This is critical to know when shopping for a new computer or adding memory to a compute as it will allow for an