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How many black holes can fit in the sun?

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It depends. First, we need to figure how to measure the size of a black hole. For these purposes we will use the size event horizon. The problem is that size varies with the mass of the black hole. The smallest known black holes are about 3 times the mass of the sun with event horizons about 5 miles in radius, which gives a volume of about 520 cubic miles.The sun is about 460,000 miles in radius which gives a volume of about 4.1*10^17 (410 quadrillion) cubic miles. BY a simple volumetric ration you cold fit 780 trillion such black holes into the sun. The problem here, is that in such a circumstance the black holes would become a single black hole of 2.3 quadrillion solar masses, with an event horizon about 490 light years across.
The largest known black hole is about 12 billion times the mass of the sun with an event horizon 44 billion miles across, far larger than the sun and several times larger than the orbit of Pluto.
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Can the sun become a black hole?

No, the sun cannot become a black hole. Our local star has insufficient mass to be a candidate for that fate.

Can the sun get sucked into a black hole?

Sure it can be sucked into a black hole - if it gets near enough. But that is not very likely to happen, anytime soon.  yes,blackhole can suck up the sun.However eventually

What is a black hole on the sun called?

First of all, there cannot be a black hole on the sun because it's  to small, but technically speaking a star which is massive enough  for it's core to collapse and form a b

Is the sun bigger then a black hole?

Black holes can be many different sizes. Therefore, there are some black holes that are bigger than the sun, and there are some that are smaller than the sun.

What if the sun became a black hole?

We would all die. There would be no sun, no light, so all the  plants would die, so animals would die, we would have no food and  starve. Solar power would not be available.

How many black holes do the sun have?

Unless you are referring to sunspots, the sun itself has no black holes.

How many earths can you fit in a super massive black hole?

It depends on the mass of the black hole. and what you are fitting  the Earths into. Supermassive black holes range from about 1  million to 12 billion times the mass of the

How many things are between the black hole and the sun?

Your question can't be answered in the way you wrote it.  Astrophysicists think there's a massive black hole at the centre of  our Milky Way galaxy, and they've spotted thin