How many body parts are in your body?

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420 for a women, 421 for a man, do the math ;)

How many parts does the human body have?

Not counting individual cells or small blood and lymph vessels, there are about a dozen major organ systems. These contain hundreds of individual structures whose functions are integrated by the nervous system. Some major body systems and their organs : Circulatory system: heart, aortic chamber (MORE)

How many body parts does a spider have?

A spider, as with any arachnid, has two parts to their bodies. The Prosoma is a fusion of the head and the thorax. The abdomen tends to be the larger of the two and is made up of a preabdomen and the postabdomen, although in many cases, the two are fused together.

How many body parts does a scorpion have?

Lots, like the Pedipalps or Pincers. The stinger called the Telson. The Coxapophysis, Tricobothria Setae, Gnanthobase, Pectines/little feelers, Genital Operculum and way more.. i craped my pants

How many body parts does a cockroach?

Actually in ventral view of a cockroach their are 12 parts of it: -Head -Antenna -Pro thorax -Mesothorax -Meta thorax -Middle Leg -Abdomen -Hind Leg -Compound Eye -Fore leg -wing -Anal Cercus and when it's in front their are only 3 parts: -Head (MORE)

What is the smallest body part in your body?

Individual cells could be considered smallest whole functional parts. However if you wish to be pedantic you could include the constituents of those cells all the way down to subatomic particles.

How many body parts does a ladybird have?

If they are grouped into sets, the ladybird, or ladybug has about 8body parts. There is the head, thorax, abdomen, sets of legs, a setof antenna, the wings, compound eyes, and a mandible. Ladybugs have many of the same body parts that make up other insects : a head, a thorax and an abdomen with th (MORE)

How many body parts does a tapir have?

I trawled the internet for hours in search of some information regarding your intriguing question. The best I could do was to download a high quality photograph of a tapir in the wild, and then label all the body parts myself. I would say that the tapir I was looking at had between 8 and 11 body par (MORE)

What are the body parts of the human body?

The head, the stomach, the arms, the circulatory system, the bones, the heart, the brain, the skin, the muscles, the hands, the small intestine, the large intestine, esophagus, the legs, the feet, the lungs, the kidneys and urinary system, the liver, the spleen, the endocrine system, the pelvis and (MORE)

How many body parts does a goldfish have?

The body of a goldfish is rather simple. To start, the goldfish has a head and an abdomen. They also have many different fins: the pectorals, pelvic fins, the dorsal, the anal fins, and the caudle.

How or what body parts defend the body?

your skin is a big help in protecting against all sorts of things, and is the biggest organ you have. yes even bigger than the large and/or small intestine. your skull protects your brain from contact. your eyelids protect your eyes. there are tons of defense mechanisms on and in your body. Also the (MORE)

How many parts does a car body consist of?

It depends which type of car. Many cars have such parts like: hood and trunk lid, right and left front and rear fenders, front and rear bumpers, roof, two or four doors, and some other parts on the sides or pillars next to the wildshield that are separate

How many body parts make up the human body?

It depends on how you divide the body up - there is not good answer to this question. You might try asking "how many parts are in the human skeleton" or "how many parts are in the human digestive system" instead. Body parts of a person can be subdivided into external and internal parts.External bod (MORE)

How many body parts do amphibians have?

Amphibians are animals that live part of their life in water andpart on land. They have six major body parts, sometimes seven.These are: head, body, four legs, and sometimes tails.

How many body part does the bee have?

The body of a bee, or any insect, is traditionally divided into 3 main sections, the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. These sections also have parts, however, for example, the head includes the eyes, the mandibles, and the antenna, among other parts. Dividing animals up into parts is to a large ex (MORE)

How many body parts does a parrot have?

Bear in mind that the division of any species into body parts is to some extent an arbitrary choice, since you have not defined how large of significant these parts have to be. A parrot is a multicellular organism which contains something on the order of a trillion cells, all of which could be descr (MORE)

How many main body parts does a monkey have?

A monkey has 12 main body parts that allows them to live safely. They help them move, sleep, hunt, eat, and walk. These 12 main parts are legs, arms, face, head, toes, ears, tail, body, eyes, nose, mouth, and fingers. They help them see and other important things they have to do.

How many parts of the body are in the mouth?

Teeth: Thirty two individual teeth (molar, premolar, canine & incisor) ... . Tongue: One of the longest organs within the body ... . Tonsils: The back sides of the mouth ... . Soft Palate : Upper part of the mouth ... . Uvula : The "ball" in the back of the throat ..

How many body parts does cicada has?

There are several parts but three mainly. The Head on witch the cicada can see and I guess smell. The Thorax, were the legs are attached. Also the Adom is another. The cicada actuly bretahes through little holes in the adom! ~Amythefairy

What part of the body balances the body?

The semicircular canals and the vestibule are responsible for balance. If you are considering balance in terms of physiology, then the kidneys and hypothalamus would be the organ and gland, respectively, that govern the balance called homeostasis.

How many body parts do you use when you swim?

Almost every muscle in the body is used when you swim, but the muscles most attributed to swimming are the latissimus dorsi muscles, those muscles on the sides of your upper back right next to your armpit, and the deltoids, or the shoulders. The hips and core are also very important for rotation of (MORE)

How many body parts has butterfly?

It is divided into three parts: Head, Thorax and abdomen. The thorax is the middle part and the abdomen is the rear part and if you mean the all the body parts it has five. Head, Wings, Antlers, Legs, and body.

Can syphilis attack many parts of the body?

Yes, unfortunately. Sexual organs are the first infected, of course, but untreated, the rest of the body follows. The final stage can affect the brain, and may cause "crazy" behavior and madness.