How many calories are burned during the 20 minute Zumba express?

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How many calories burned in 10 minutes on a trampoline?

The answer is 200 calories. The trampoline is the second fastest calorie burner on the planet. Trampolining - correctly, using routines (not just bopping around) - burns 3 times more calories than jogging. 30 minutes of jogging at 5.5 km per hour burns 407 calories. Therefore trampolining burns 200 (MORE)

How many calories burned walking for 10 to 20 minutes?

Ir depends on your weight, your degree of fitness, what you walk on - sand, grass, hard pavement - whether you are walking on flat ground, a slight incline, or a hill, as well as how far you walk and the pace of your walk. Walking to lose weight is mild cardio exercise and an excellent fat burn (MORE)

How many calories do you burn during sex?

Up To 500 . the average is 200 but it could be more or less. . Yes! It burns about 37 calories per hour. . It will vary with the person, the type of sex and how hard youwork at it, but on average, 400 calories more or less. . Interesting question & the answer is "That depends!" somehave (MORE)

How many calories can you burn during jazzercise?

Jazzercise opposed to other exercise programs is basically the same. Fat burned during exsercise depends on your height and weight, time spent in the target heart range, and the length of your exercise, which for Jazzercise is about an hour, am I correct? Jazzercise is mostly cardio and aerobic but (MORE)

How many Calories burned during sleep?

Your body goes through photosynthesis at night, using energy from the moon. You dont burn any calories, your body actually produces about 100 calories, unless youre in a dehydrated state, than the calories cannot be produced Okay, I might not know the answer, but the above statement is just soo wr (MORE)

How many calories do you burn per minute?

\nIf you are younger, you burn calories much faster 10-20 years old will burn around 1.23 calories per minute at normal heart rate. at resting state whenever your relaxing, sleeping, ect. your burning around .90.The faster you get your heart to go like doing aerobics and such you'll burn calories fa (MORE)

How many calories does riding a bike for 30 minutes burn?

It all depends relative to body weight, resistance, speed (intensity), age, and where you are riding. For example, an 180 pound male, in average conditions, might burn somewhere close to 100 calories per ten minutes. For information about how to do cardio exercise correctly for fat burning, se (MORE)

If you exercise for forty five minutes how many calories will you burn?

This depends on the intensity and type of exercise as well as the level of difficulty. For example 10 minutes on a treadmill might use 250 calories for one person while another would only burn 140 because they where incapable of using a more difficult setting. Also 10 minutes on a cross trainer ma (MORE)

How many calories burned running for 20 minutes a day?

Well it depends on the speed at which you are running, and how much you weigh. Here is a range of speeds a 150 pound woman could run at, and how many calories she would burn at each speed when she runs for 20 minutes continuously at that speed: 5.0 mph (12 min mile): 176 6.0 mph (10 min mile) (MORE)

How many calories does Zumba burn?

You can burn up to 800 calories or more on doing Zumba that's only if you do Zumba at least for 1 hour or so It depends on the intensity of the class and of course, how hard you work out...but the average calorie burn is from 400-900 calories per one hour class. According to my Zumba instructor - be (MORE)

How many calories do you burn during an 45 minute jog?

There are too many variables to just give one straight answer to this question. For example: weight, speed, incline/decline, resistance, running surface etc. I'd get about 700 cals/45 minutes, but I'm quite fit and go out hard. 300-400 calories for 45 minutes might be a more normal number.

How many calories do you burn in a 20 minute aerobic class?

It depends on the intensity and your body weight. Age matters too as the metabolism of youth ranging from 15 to 25 are significantly higher compared to the people age 30 and above. . If you are performing some sort of dancing and weigh around 80kg you will lose around 150 to 200 calories depending (MORE)

How man calories do you burn if you run for 20 minutes?

You can not really tell, it would be determined by how hot it was outside, how hard you were working, or if you were running up hill. I can say this-cardio such as running, swift walking, swimming, or anything of that matter does burn a lot of calories. Some people try to lose weight just by doing l (MORE)

How many calories do you burn during a marathon?

On average, when doing cardiovascular exercise you tend to burn about 100 calories every 10 minutes. Likewise when running on the treadmill at a 5.5 MPH rate, you will burn about 100 calories per mile. If you run faster than that, which most marathon runners do, you will obviously burn more calori (MORE)

How many calories do you burn during aquasize?

Aquacizing or water-exercise, exercising while standing in a swimming pool, aids in toning and flexibility and a little strength, but actually burns less calories than land-based exercises due to the cooling influence of the water.

How many calories burned jogging and walking for 45 minutes?

It depends on the distance that you are running not how long youwalk or run. Running a mile burns the same amount of calories aswalking a mile. Walking just takes a lot longer. 15 minute ofexercise burns around 90 calories. Hope that helps!

How many calories burned walking for 45 minutes?

It depends. For example, if you were of only average weight you might burn about 312 calories if you are walking at a 4 mph pace without stopping. It depends on many things such as your weight, your degree of fitness, whether you are walking on flat ground or an incline, and whether you are walki (MORE)

How many calories are burned dancing for 30 minutes?

It depends on how hard the dance is and how fast you do it. It also depends on your weight and how much effort you put in. If you go for 30 minutes with no break you can most likely burn 150 calories or more.

How many calories is burned in a 30 minute jog?

Based on the average 130-pound person, you would burn about 210 calories in a 30-minute jog. However, it depends on height and weight, gender, and the amount of effort you put into it as well. It's best to try an online calorie calculator if you want a more accurate number.

How many calories burned in one minute of kissing?

Effectively none. That is, your body is continually doing routine maintenance type stuff, like circulating your blood, maintaining your body temperature, digesting things you may have eaten, and so on, all of which consumes calories. That continues during kissing, but the act of kissing itself doesn (MORE)

How many calories do you burn in walking 15 minutes?

The amount of calories you burn would depend on your weight, height, your pace, degree of fitness, incline, and many other factors. To get an approximate count, I recommend searching up calculators that allow you to enter in your weight, height and your pace (miles per hour). Although it is not guar (MORE)

How many calories can you burn riding a bike for 10 minutes?

Depends on several things, but mainly on how hard you push yourself. For 10 minutes it can be anything between 50 and 200. The lower for a slow, casual ride, the higher for a fit person riding pretty much all out.. Depends on how hard you were pushing. Hard enough to get sweaty and winded, maybe (MORE)

How many calories does bike riding burn per minute?

Some years back Bicycling Magazine asked a variant of this question (actually, how many calories per mile) and a laboratory set out to find an answer. Because so many variables factor in, the lab used middling quantities. So the cyclist in the test was a 150 - pound male, and he rode an average road (MORE)

How many calories do you burn during a minute of kissing?

According to the Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex, "passionate" kissing burns 6.4 calories per minute. This seems like quite a lot though, and what do we mean by passionate? A figure like 1 calorie per minute would seem more realistic. Either way, it's not much.