How many calories do you burn doing 30 minutes of zumba?

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i would say about 200 calories.
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How many calories burned walking for 30 minutes?

Calories burned walking for 30 minutes Brisk walking for weight loss (which is mild cardio exercise) is an excellent fat burner when done properly . The calories burned depend on your body mass and body composition. For example, in general a person with more muscle will burn more calories, as wi (MORE)

How many calories you burn doing taebo 8 minute workout?

If 30 minutes of Taebo = 400 cal then divide by 30=13.333...= 1 minute *8=106.666...I think because there is a warm up and a cool down it is probably about 75 -100 cal for 8 min.. Other things that you can do between class or after work or school; jog for 20 min = 164 Walk 2 mph for 15 min = 50 (MORE)

How many calories burned running for 30 minutes?

There are many variables. It depends on your body weight, your degree of fitness (how hard you need to work to carry your weight) your pace, whether you are walking on an incline or flat ground, and whether you are running on a soft or hard surface. . Yes it depends on your weight and how much e (MORE)

How many calories can you burn jumping on a trampoline for 30 minutes?

Trampolining is the second fastest calorie burner on the planet, if you use the trampoline correctly and do routines. It can burn calories 3 times faster that jogging. Jogging @ 5.5kms per hour may burn 407 calories per hour (depending on various other factors). So 20 minutes on the trampoline may b (MORE)

How many calories does a 30 minute walk burn?

This depends on how much you weigh and how fast you walked. Assuming you walked 1 mile in 30 minutes, here is a chart you can refer to for calories burned: . If you weigh 150 lbs = 90 calories per mile. . If you weigh 200 lbs = 120 calories per mile. . If you weigh 250 lbs = 150 calories pe (MORE)

How many calories does riding a bike for 30 minutes burn?

It all depends relative to body weight, resistance, speed (intensity), age, and where you are riding. For example, an 180 pound male, in average conditions, might burn somewhere close to 100 calories per ten minutes. For information about how to do cardio exercise correctly for fat burning, se (MORE)

How many calories are burned doing nothing?

The number of calories that are burned doing nothing, also known as one's "metabolism", differs for each person but an average adult burns 2000 calories a day. You can increase your metabolism by doing endurance exercises such as swimming, running, or biking.

How many calories do you burn running for 30 minutes?

Depends on what excercise you are performing and how vigorously you are doing it. Jumping Rope: Moderate speed = 313 calories Pullups: Moderate = 87 calories Pushups: Moderate = 87 calories Running: at 5mph (12 min mile) = 243 calories Situps: Moderate = 87 calories Walking: Moderate (3mph) = 80 ca (MORE)

How many calories do you burn if riding a bike for 30 minutes verses running for 30 minutes?

When it comes to calorie count, how hard (and how long) you're going is much more important than what you're doing. So, assuming you're trying equally hard, both riding and running will use up pretty much the same amount of calories. . And how much depends on your age, gender, size, fitness level, (MORE)

How many calories are burned doing yoga?

Yoga doesn't burn calories, it only add flexibility. It also influence on reducing stress and depression levels. Definitely worth doing without burning our extra calories.

How many calories does Zumba burn?

You can burn up to 800 calories or more on doing Zumba that's only if you do Zumba at least for 1 hour or so It depends on the intensity of the class and of course, how hard you work out...but the average calorie burn is from 400-900 calories per one hour class. According to my Zumba instructor - be (MORE)

How many calories you burn doing weights for 15 minutes?

Well you wont burn as much as you think. My brother lifts weights for hours and only burns like 100 calories. However, if you build more muscle you burn more calories because muscle burns calories and increases your metabolism.

How many calories are burned by 30 minutes of walking?

It all depends on several factors. The main ones include the speed you are walking, the terrain and incline, and your weight. Typically, 30 minutes of walking burns anywhere from 75 - 150 calories. See Related Links for a walking calorie calculator that factors in some of the above mentioned fact (MORE)

30 minutes on an elliptical how many calories burned?

\nThere are many different factors that can determine how many calories you have burned during a 30 minute period on the elliptical machine. For example, age, metabolic rate, and weight are all important factors that determine how many calories you have burned. To find this, your elliptical machin (MORE)

How many calories burned swimming for 30 minutes?

It depends on your weight and how much effort you put into it as well as such things as the swimming stroke you use, how fast you swim, and how far you swim. For example, some people say that if you can manage to build up your pace and stamina and get to the stage where you can swim one whole mile (MORE)

How many calories burned riding a bike for 30 minutes at 40 mph?

Riding a human-powered, pedal-driven bicycle on flat ground at40 mph for 30 minutes is an impossible value. . That's the kind of speed pro riders hit for maybe 5-10 secondswhile sprinting for the finish line. . So unless you're an anatomical freak who somehow managed to gounnoticed by the pro team (MORE)

How many calories burned doing elliptical?

It depends on a variety of factors, including your age, weight, current fitness level, how high the resistance on the elliptical machine is set, how fast you are going... Just never trust what the machine tells you... they always over estimate.

How many calories are burned when doing 3 sets of 30 sit-ups?

That'll still only take a few minutes, so it won't burn enough calories to mean anything.. The physics of it suggests it's less than a kcalorie of work, tho' that seems a bit low. So comparing the time it takes to a number of other gentle exercises, like strolling, I suspect it's about 10kcalories. (MORE)

How many calories are burned doing 30 minutes of squats?

You take the amount you weigh in lbs and multiply it by .096, then with that number you get the amount of calories you burn per minute. Then you multiply that by the number of minutes you perform the exercise to get your total calorie burn rate. . (wieght in lbs) x (.096)= ( calories burned per min (MORE)

How many calories burned walking 5k in 30 minutes?

You can't WALK 5k in 30 minutes. Speed = Distance / Time Speed = 5 / 0.5 (30 mins expressed as an hour) So Speed = 10km/h I don't know anyone who can walk at 10 km/h But you can certainly run 5 k in 30 minutes. How many calories that would use up depends on a lot of things, your weight, lev (MORE)

How many calories are burned dancing for 30 minutes?

It depends on how hard the dance is and how fast you do it. It also depends on your weight and how much effort you put in. If you go for 30 minutes with no break you can most likely burn 150 calories or more.

How many calories do you burn doing side steps for five minutes?

Not enough to mean anything. The amounts of calories burned are very closely related to your heart rate, and the number of extra beats that you get through your exercise. Say that doing that exercise push your heart rate from 80 to 160, that's an increase of 80 x 5 = 400 extra heartbeats. Say that (MORE)

How many calories do you burn doing aquasize?

it's unknown but you do lose a lot of weight! trust me my mom did it and she burnt soo much calories and lost so much weight in one week! i mean she is 50 years old, so if she can lose that much weight then younger people can lose more weight faster than her! (:

How many calories do you lose doing 30 minutes of cheer-leading?

Im a cheerleader and it all really depends on what your doing. If your doing gymnastics or tumbeling then I would say your looseing more calories than just standing there working on cheers. If your stunting and a flyer, than that should burn a lot of calories as well.

How many calories is burned in a 30 minute jog?

Based on the average 130-pound person, you would burn about 210 calories in a 30-minute jog. However, it depends on height and weight, gender, and the amount of effort you put into it as well. It's best to try an online calorie calculator if you want a more accurate number.

How many calories do you burn with 30 minutes of weight training?

It is hard to say how many calories are burned because there are more ways to weight train than you can shake a stick at. If you lift heavy and rest a lot between sets you won't burn a lot but if you do multiple exercise one after another round after round in the form of what is called circuit train (MORE)

How many calories will you burn jogging slow for 30 minutes?

jogging for like 10 minutes will burn as much as 100 calories, so if you will try to jo for 30 minutes that will be more or less 300 calories all in all, and it depends on the intensity of your jogging, but you must have a good condition of LUNGS in order to jog for 30 minutes because a lot of oxyge (MORE)