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How many calories in a Mini snicker?

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A fun size one is 80 calories. The mini is only 55.
A 53g bar, which is the common size is about 267.5 calories. So the amount stated about is incorrect I think?
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How many calories in a snicker?

  snickers bar nutrition facts: 271 calories

How many calories in a mini crave cupcake?

Crave doesn't have their nutritional info listed. It also depends on a lot of other factors, like which flavor you chose, etc. On average, though, one mini cupcake has about 1

How many calories in a mini snickers?

There are 170 calories in a 4 piece (36 gram) serving of a Snickers Mini.
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How many calories does a mini stepper burn?

depends on your weight, and and intensity. Well if you weight 160-200 pound and doing it hard. Except 10-16 per minute :)