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How many calories in off-the-shelf Jose cuervo golden margarita?

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229 Calories per 4 oz Serving No info available on this particular drink anywhere, so here's how to break it down. 1 oz Jose Cuervo Tequilla = 69 cal (shot is 1.5 oz or 104 cal) 4 oz of the Jose Cuervo (regular) Margarita Mix = 100 cal. in 4 oz (which seems a little low to me, so maybe they use more lime juice than sugar? We can only hope, right?) Then what makes this drink GOLDEN is the Grand Marnier that they add. Grand Marnier has 100 cal per oz, but JG doesn't add that much to the mix, it would be too overpowering, so let's say they use about a 25% ratio of Grand Marn. into the receipe. = 25 calories So, usually to a 4 oz mixer (100 cal) you'd add 1 shot of Tequilla (1.5 oz or 104 cal) and a touch of Grand Marnier (25 cal) Total Calorie Count = 229 per 4 oz serving
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