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How many calories in rum and Diet Coke?

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there are 66 calories in a white rum and diet coke!!!! enjoy many and not be a fat tub of lard
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How many calories in dark rum and coke?

  A Rum and Coke (2 ounces rum, 4 ounces cola) made with 80 proof rum has the following "nutritional values": 13 carb grams and 182 calories. If you use diet Coke (2 ounce

How many calories in vodka and Diet Coke?

A typical amount of alcohol per drink is 1.5 oz. That amount of 100 proof vodka is 100 calories. If the diet drink has zero calories, then the total is 100 calories.

How many calories in captain rum and Diet Coke?

  Captain morgans is the spiced rum I believe. That has more carbs than the clear rum. I know clear rum (unflavored) is allowed on the low carb diet. I am not sure how man