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How many cars were sold in the US in 2004?

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Just under 16 million new cars were sold in the US in 2004.
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What are the lightest cars that have been sold in US?

There are several very light cars sold in the United States. Some of these include the manual/auto 1st gen VW beetle

US cars most sold?

  according to my knowledge and i was really surpirsed when i heard this, its the ford f150.. its the most sold car throughout the world

How many cars are sold worldwide in a year?

In 2011 the last year for statistics there were 59,929,016 cars  produced and sold. In 2012 that will top 60 million.

How many cars were sold in the US last year?

  For the past nine years, U.S. auto sales have totaled between 16.1 million and 17.4 million. --- Detroit Free Press by Tim Higgins by Tim Higgins "Interest rate cuts cou

How many Ferrari cars are sold a day?

Scuderia Ferrari sold 6,587 new cars worldwide in 2008, that is about 18 per day. (Toyota sold 2,217,662 cars in 2008, that is about 6075 per day)

How many new cars are sold in California?

As for total sales, the figure varies from year to year, but is usually around 1.5 million vehicles. There were 17 million new cars sold in the United States in 2004, which me

How many bullets sold in the US?

No exact number. About 39% of the small arms ammo in the world is  made in the US. Annual production of the world is about 14 BILLION  rounds of ammunition. About 5.5 Billio