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How many cars were sold in the US last year?

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For the past nine years, U.S. auto sales have totaled between 16.1 million and 17.4 million. --- Detroit Free Press by Tim Higgins by Tim Higgins "Interest rate cuts could help auto sales"
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How many cars are sold worldwide in a year?

In 2011 the last year for statistics there were 59,929,016 cars  produced and sold. In 2012 that will top 60 million.

How many cars are sold in Saudi Arabia every year?

In 2007, 616,589 cars were sold in Saudi Arabia.   Source : Foreign Trade Statistics - Central Department of Statistics & Information, Ministry of Planning

How many dog leashes were sold last year?

I find this a rather strange question but do the maths there are more then 10 million dogs in the entire world and more are born each day and more are sold each day, so if the