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How many cars were sold in the US last year?

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For the past nine years, U.S. auto sales have totaled between 16.1 million and 17.4 million. --- Detroit Free Press by Tim Higgins by Tim Higgins "Interest rate cuts could help auto sales"
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How many cars get sold in a year?

5,635,000 new passenger vehicles were sold in the US in 2010.    Since 1990, the range has been 5.4mm to 9.3mm.    Also in 2010, total global production of passe

How many cars are sold worldwide in a year?

In 2011 the last year for statistics there were 59,929,016 cars  produced and sold. In 2012 that will top 60 million.

How many used cars are sold per year?

Thousands upon thousands are sold per year. It must be an almost astronomical number if you combine lots, dealers, interpersonal communication and auctions. The latter could b

How many new cars sold in the US last year?

"Last year was the industry's best performance since 2007, when  16.1 million new cars and trucks were sold. Ford led all major  automakers in 2013 with an 11 percent sales