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How many cherry tomatoes is a tomato?

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Cherry tomato weight around 15gr and regular tomato 200gr so it around 13 cherry tomato in a tomato. But the cherry tomato plant will give half in weight of the total production of a regular beef tomato plant.
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What is the difference between cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes?

  The fruit of grape tomatoes are smaller by about a half, more elongated, sweeter, lower in water content and have thicker skin than cherry tomatoes. This has made them p

How many cherry tomatoes are counted as one of the five a day?

http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/5ADAY/Pages/Portionsizes.aspx "Salad vegetables Three sticks of celery, a 5cm piece of cucumber, one medium tomato or seven cherry tomatoes."

How many seeds in a cherry tomato?

The average number of seeds in a cherry tomato is 25-40 seeds.

Why are cherry tomatoes good for you?

Because the lycopene realised when cooking is more potent than the larger normal tomatoes
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Can rats have cherry tomatoes?

Yes, but only if you cut the cherry tomato/ grape tomato into fourths. Be sure to only give them one fourth, otherwise it's to much acid for them to digest. Hope this helps! :

Can rabbits eat cherry tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes, like all tomatoes, are not healthy for rabbits. The leaves, vines, and stems are toxic. The fruit is not toxic, but it isn't a normal part of a healthy rabbit