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How many children can you claim on taxes?

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Acutally, people saying you can claim two are incorrect. You can only claim 2 for the earned income credit (EIC), but for the child tax credit there isn't a limit so long as the credit doesn't exceed your tax liability.
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Do both parents have the right to claim their children on their income taxes?

When parents are divorced, the use of the children's exemptions is generally determined by the decree. It has nothing to do with who pays for what. The parent with whom the ch

Can you claim your children on your taxes if you do not have legal custody of them?

You have to check the specifics of the custody/divorce agreements if there is one and the IRS tax code. It is possible that you would be entitlted to claim them as dependants.

What is the youngest age to claim children on your tax return?

You can claim on your tax return your baby from the time of birth. As long as your baby is born alive (and even if the baby only lives for a moment) you can still claim the

Can your boyfriend claim your children on his taxes?

Maybe. Read the "Qualifying Relative" section at the attached link to IRS Pub. 501 to determine whether your boyfriend can claim a dependency exemption for your children. The

Can you claim your children on taxes if you earned unemployment?

Unemployment income does not effect your dependents and yourability to claim them on your return. As long as you meet the otherrequirement to claim your children then you can

Who claims my children on taxes when there was no custody agreement until this year?

It is not the custody agreement that determines who is qualified to claim the children as a qualified child dependents on a income tax return. Go to the IRS gov web site and u