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How many children does tb Joshua have?

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How do you get tb Joshua anointing water?

The only way one can get the anointing water is by coming down to Scoan here in Nigeria to receive it or on the other hand find a trust worthy person here in Lagos that can ge

Will TB Joshua visit Botswana?

Im sorry to say he would not go to Botswana unless on a very serious request. He try by all means to cover the countries where the population is massive.

How true is it that TB Joshua is catholic?

Most of his teaching is in line with teaching of Catholic Church and contrary to protestant teachings. Almost all protestant denominations in Nigeria do not support TB Joshu

Is TB Joshua illuminati?

TB Joshua is not a member of the Illuminati. Some people believe a group of powerful people exists that has ties to the occult. They believe the group has influence over gove