How many children have been born at one time?

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How many children have been abused in the US?

Answer . You will never get a correct percentage on this because many abuses are never reported to the police. Most of the percentages come from hospital reports or doctor's reports. Parents who have children come into ER with their children suffering from anything from broken limbs to bad bruise (MORE)

How many babies at one time were born?

8 is the record but in 1912 there was a set of 9 babies born all alive but back then there was no medical tech. they sadly died at 2 days of life.. there is also living breathing septuplets.. McCaughey is the name they have pics and info on their amazing entrance 8 is the record: The Suleman octupl (MORE)

How many children born daily?

There are over 100 million babies born each year worldwide. Thereare around 4 million babies born each year in the United States.

How many children are born with autism?

I don't really know..... but, my friend does.... around 1 in every 166 kids have autism . actually that number has changed as of this year (2009) it is now 1 in 100 that is according to the Autism Society web site. My son has Aspergers and I blog about it...http://whatisaspergerssyndrome.blogspot. (MORE)

How many times a day do children breathe?

Not really a difficult question until you consider the activity of a child during the day and the length of sleep at night. The average adult takes 21,600 breaths a day

How many rattlesnakes are born at one time?

There is no certain amount of how many rattlesnakes are born at one time, but the average amount of rattlesnakes born at one time is usually less than 15, and around 10 or 12.

How many children were born in 1996?

For the source and more detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section (U.S. Census Bureau) indicated below this answer box.

How many baby cobras are born at one time?

Baby cobras are laid, not birthed. In general cobras lay 12 to 60 eggs at once (depending on breed), and it is rare that all of them hatch at the same time, so the best guess is the whole nest timing - 12 to 60 all together.

How many rabbits are born at one time?

As low as one and up to 25. Small breeds the average is about 3-8 for medium to large breeds about 5-15. But anything 20 or over is extremely rare. Well, there is no exact number usually small breeds 1-4 but if you have small breed a little bigger than normal maybe 1-7 ex. Mini Rex, Netherland dwarf (MORE)

How many times are children mentioned in the bible?

In the King James version the word - child - appears 201 times the word - child's - appears 4 times the word - childbearing - appears once the word - childhood - appears twice the word - childish - appears once the word - childless - appears 7 times the word - children - appears 1802 (MORE)

How many children have been bullied?

There are millions of people who get bullyed everyday! The majority of them are unfortunately school childeren. It is said that almost everyone in the world have been or will be involved in some form of bullying in their lives.

How many children did the queen of medieval times?

Many queens had no children, and since a queen's sons would be the king's heirs, this could be a problem leading to a war. Some queens had lots of children. Matilda of Flanders, who was the wife of William the Conqueror, had eleven children, two of whom were King William II and King Henry I.

6 children born at same time?

if i think i know what your talking about 6 children can be born at the same time but it is very complicated............... if i think i know what your talking about 6 children can be born at the same time but it is very complicated............... if i think i know what your talking about 6 childr (MORE)

How many children do sperm whales have at a time?

Gestation in Sperm Whale females lasts about 14 to 16 months. A sigle calf is produced at the end of gestation. Lactation proceeds for 19 to 42 months, but calves may suckle up to 13 years. Calves can suckle from females other than their mothers. Females generally have birth intervals of three to si (MORE)

How many times has Willie Nelson been married and how many children does he have?

Willie Nelson has been married four times and has seven children. . Willie Nelson's marriage to his first wife, Martha Matthews, lasted from 1952 to 1962. Nelson and Matthews had three kids: Lana, Susie, and Billy (Billy committed suicide in 1991). . Willie Nelson's marriage to his second wife, (MORE)

How many hamster young are born at one time?

It probably depends on what type of hamster, but usually around 4-16 or somewhere around there at once. Not all of the babies make it, so really there's no telling for sure.

How many times children in the Bible?

The word 'children' is found 1,803 times in the King James Version(KJV). If you use related words (e.g. child, etc.) then the countwill be more. It appears 454 times in the NIV so the count variesdepending on which translation you use.

How many people have been born since the beginning of time?

scientist arent sure but a good estimate would be 69 billion to 110 billion people have populatated the earth from a milion years ago. i did a little web searching and also found out 4 people are born each second so we never can be sure how many people are on earth! :) a 4th grader

How many children were born in 1997?

The number of births in 1997 was the lowest since 1987; the birth rate was just 14.5 births per 1,000 people, and totaled 3,880,894 . The fertility rate, number of births to women of childbearing age, saw similar declines hitting 65 births per 1,000 women in the age range of 15 to 44. Teen birth ra (MORE)

How many children can you babysit at one time in the state of California?

0.......because your irresponsible and you asking this question only proves my point. Whoever wrote that is kind of rude ^^ so anyways, I believe in the State of Ca your allowed to watch one family at a time unlicensed. Hope this helps. Wish they would change it to like 5 children or something. W (MORE)

How many times does the bible mention children?

In the Kign James version the word - boy - appears once the word - boys - appears twice the word - child - appears 201 times the word - child's - appears 4 times the word - childbearing - appears once the word - childhood - appears twice the word - childish - appears once the word - (MORE)

How many children have been murdered in the US?

That's terrible! Why would you ask that? A lot of children have been murdered in the U.S., though. Out of 100,000, about 1.8 children under 14 is murdered. From 14-17 years old, the number ascends to 6.4 per. 100,000. Source: FBI

How many children are born with Aposthia?

1 in every 10,000 boys....dont worry guys,. I have Aposthia (Discovered it in the 18th year) and there is absolutely 'NO SIDE EFFECTS' or loss of pleasure etc. It is just a rare condition of the human body. Your penis doesnt "Lack" nerve endings with aposthia, but they are just a BIT small and contr (MORE)

How many times has there been only one player in final jeopardy?

The Jeopardy Archive claims it is only the second time that it happened in the Show's history . In the old Art Fleming Jeopardy they have ended with no contestants able to play final Jeopardy because everyone's score was zero or below. That Makes the March 16 2011 Game result of only one contestan (MORE)

How many calf are born at one time?

Most cows will give birth to a single calf. However, twin calves are not uncommon. I do not believe it is physically possible for a cow to have triplets, though.

How many kangaroos are born at one time?

Kangaroos commonly give birth to just one joey at a time, but twins have been recorded. Female kangaroos of reproductive age are in an almost constant state of pregnancy. They have the ability to indefinitely suspend the development of an embryo (called embryonic diapause) until conditions are ri (MORE)

How many children are in one minute?

The answer will depend on what happens to the children in one minute! Born? adopted, killed, abandoned, slapped, kissed, cuddled etc. It also depends on where: in the world, one particular country, region, city, household?. You need to think about your question before posting it and wasting every (MORE)

How many young ones usually born at a time for goat?

Usually 1 or 2 "Kids" are born at a time (Yes, baby goats are called "Kids"). On occasion 3 Kids are born, but this is somewhat rare. Also if you wouldn't mind writing your questions so that they are grammatically correct? A better question means a better answer next time write your question someth (MORE)