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How many cities are named Wyoming in the United States?

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There are 20 populated places named Wyoming:

Wyoming, Illinois
Wyoming, Iowa
Wyoming, Kentucky
Wyoming, Massachusetts
Wyoming, Michigan (2)
Wyoming, Minnesota
Wyoming, Missouri
Wyoming, Nebraska
Wyoming, New Jersey
Wyoming, New York
Wyoming, Ohio
Wyoming Meadows, Ohio
Wyoming, Pennsylvania (2)
Wyoming, Rhode Island
Wyoming City, West Virginia
Wyoming, West Virginia (2)
Wyoming, Wisconsin
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Where did the state of Wyoming get its name from?

The name, Wyoming, was used by Representative J. M. Ashley of Ohiowho introduced the bill to Congress to provide a temporarygovernment for the territory of Wyoming. The name,

Is there a city in Wyoming named laramie?

Laramie Wyoming is located in South Eastern Wyoming nestled on a high plain between two mountain ranges and sits at an elevation of 7,200 feet. It is named after French Canadi

How many state parks are in Wyoming?

The state of Wyoming maintains 13 state parks of varying sizes.Among these are Glendo State Park, Curt Gowdy State Park, and HotSprings State Park.

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In Wyoming

How Many Cities are in Wyoming?

There are 18 cities in Wyoming. They are Buffalo, Casper, Cheyenne,Cody, Douglas, Evanston, Gillette, Green River, Kemmerer, Lander,Laramie, Newcastle, Powell, Rawlins, Rivert

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