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The NCAA is a membership-led nonprofit association of colleges and universities committed to supporting academic and athletic opportunities for more than 380,000 student-athletes at more than 1,000 member colleges and universities. Each year, more than 49,000 student-athletes compete in NCAA Championships in Division I, II and III sports. your welcome The NCAA is a membership-led nonprofit association of colleges and universities committed to supporting academic and athletic opportunities for 408,364 (2007) student-athletes in 28 men's and 27 women's intercollegiate sports with 17,713 teams participating at more than one thousand member schools.
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How many college athletes get drafted to the NFL?

Answer . In the 2004 NFL draft there were 167 players drafted in a total of 6 rounds. More players are brought in during camp whom did not get drafted with the hopes of making a team. "Camp players" fill the need as practice players do during the season. Your NFL chances of making a team is an extreme in terms of the overall number of college athlete seniors available each year. Your hearing this from a formal 2 year NFL player 1979-81 and 1 year USFL player.

What are the statistics on playing college athletics for high school athletes?

Answer . Very, very few high school athletes will earn a college scholarship.Generally, state winners or nationally ranked athletes are recruited by colleges in Division I schools. However, if you have enjoyed being on an athletic team and hope to continue playing in college as a "walk-on" you may wish to consider the Division IA, II or III colleges where you would have a greater chance of continuing to enjoy the game, but where academics will be the deciding factor in your admission.. Of the 330,000 high school seniors who played football, only 20,000 college freshmen continue to play in college, and less than 10,000 received any financial assistance. How many of these students will play professionally? Less than 100 students will sign a professional sports contract, and the average sports career lasts only five years. High school basketball involves 158,000 students; less than 5,000 will play in college and less than 200 will play in professional games, and their average career is only three to four years.. Up to 8,000 athletic questionnaires are sent each year by a college for football athletes only. Of these, 150 will be recruited, 85 will be invited to visit campus and only 25 will be offered a scholarship.. It is a hard road to walk but i know form experience it is worth all the hard work!!

What Colleges Offer Athletic Trainer programs?

The following link should help you. Sorry I could not make the link shorter!. In addition, you may also want to look at Sports Management Programs. It is an up and coming demand profession. There are many colleges and universities that know offer Associate, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees in Sports Management.. What ever your choice, stay away from the private institutes. Take your program at a regionally accredited college or university. Many private institutes will indicate that they are accredited (and they may be). The question is, "What kind of accreditation?" Be care, and once again I urge you to seek the appropriate college or university.

How many colleges make a profit from athletics?

Answer . Ticket sales, consession stand contracts, team logo clothing, alumni donations, booster activities. The guy who sells you the hotdog or slice of pizza, or beer has to pay the college for the privilege of selling in the stadium. Team logos are usually copywrited so Nike has to pay USC to print their name and logo on a sweatshirt. Alumni secure "choice seats" or the right to a private box by donating heavily to athletic departments.. Probably the big thing for top teams is the broadcast rights which ESPN, ABC, and other networks will pay for. I'd be surprised if the blimp didn't have to pay for the right to fly over the stadium. Post season Bowl games are also sources of revenue for the schools with top teams.. I use football as an example because in most big colleges, it pays for other sports programs because of popularity and vast seating capacity.

How many college athletes go pro?

i believe that approximatly 450 students every year go to the professionals for sports. More men than woman go pro because men are better. Brittney Griner is an amazing athlete and should play with the guys.

How many high school athletes receive scholarships to college?

The amount of high school athletes who receive scholarships tocollege is very small. The sport with the highest percentage ofhigh school participants earning at least a partial athleticscholarship is girls golf at 1.6 percent. Football is second at 1.4percent.

What is the average GPA for college athletes?

The average college GPA is 2.94. I am currently writing an article on High School Players GPA. I will get back to you. But it in NOT 3.3. I want to know the average GPA for college athletes in NCAA Division I schools.

How many pro athletes went to college first before becoming professional?

all of them when they draft they look at how they did in college Edit: Not true. Many athletes are recruited with little or no education, some from foreign countries with no college. A 2009 Wall Street Journal article indicated only 24 players and managers in the entire league with degrees. NFL fares better as it tends to recruit from college. However, exceptions are always made for talented players. Real data is difficult to come by as the NCAA does its best to skew the statistics to portray athletes as good scholars. They don't even count athletes who leave college for the draft in their graduation statistics. Try to find out how many college athletes who leave early for the draft ultimately graduate with a degree. As information it's unobtainium.

How many years is a athlete eligible in college?

He or she can be on the active roster for up to four years. They can have one medical redshirt, and one normal redshirt. Technically, a player can be a part of theri organization for 6 years as a player, but can only be on the active roster (available to play) for four years maximum.

Do college track athletes get paid?

It is against the National Collegiate Athletic Association rulesfor college athletes be paid. They may receive scholarships but nosalary or wage for competing.

How many college athletes become pros?

I would guess about 1 out of 40 football, basketball and baseball players from division one colleges are offered professional contracts at some level perhaps in Europe. Most of them have very short pro careers. Players in lower division and other sports almost never become pros.

How many pro athletes graduated from college?

alot man like almost all of them, they probabally wouldn't be able to scout you if you didint play in colledge or even attend Edit: Completely false. According to a Wall Street Journal article in 2009 only 26 players and managers in the entire MLB had degrees. The percentage for the NFL is around 48% (the NFL has a higher recruitment age and tends to recruit from college). The NBA is pretty abysmal as well. Of particular interest is that of the college athletes who leave college early for the draft, less than 20% stay in the NFL for over four years. A recent New York Times puff piece on NBA academics indicated that less than 10% of NBA players even go back to college. They don't mention how many actually graduate.

What team in college basketball is the most athletic?

Kentucky. Anthony Davis is the most athletic player in the nation (or second to Cj Leslie) and terrence jones + Michael Kidd-Gilchrest bring extremely dominant offensive athleticism to the table. Teague is a very athletic point guard as well.

How long do you have to go to college to be a athletic trainer?

usually it takes an average of 4 years unless you're planning to train a pro team it shouldn't take too much longer than that. It is becoming more competitive then ever to be a good athletic trainer. Certified programs for sports trainers are limited and highly competitive. In many cases a Masters Degree is going to be important. Many complete their Bachelor's degrees and then work for a university sports team while completing their Masters to gain both the additional education and the experience.

How many college athletes get injured in there sport?

Many college players get minor or serious injuries when playing sports. About roughly 330 to 400 people get injuried in their sport. Now if you wanted to know how many pros get injured that is a lot larger. About 500 players in any sport gets in an accidents during a game.

When do college athletes get free equipment?

College athletics are very team oriented, and they like to give the entire team the same gear. Most of the time during practices, they will all be wearing at the very least, school colors and usually very similar uniforms. This, coupled with the fact that most people are paying to be at that school anyways, allows for athletes to get the gear that they do.

Does a college athlete need to get paid?

In a sense, college athletes are already paid in that many receive some sort of scholarship. Many fans have suggested that those athletes who participate in high-profile sports like football should receive cash compensation, but federal law relative to gender equity would require that the last player on the men's or women's tennis team (for example) would have to make the same amount as the star quarterback. At most Division I universities, only football and men's basketball turn a profit so compensation for an entire department of athletes would not be feasible for most schools.

College athletes after college?

3 options. Become a Professional athlete in the major leagues. get a normal job and join the rest of the world with working 60 hours a week to feed their families and not play a game and make millions of dollars. Or the worst option, they realize that they have been injured so many times in the head that they are literally irrelevant, and since they peaked in college. They realized that they are literally so dumb that all of their professors gave them A's because they are athletes at the college and it was in the colleges best interest to have their athletes academically succeed so they are not academically ineligible. Unfortunately my brother was the latter, a lineman for penn state, and since he didn't get drafted, he works at a grocery store because no one would hire him.

How many college athletes play pro football?

If there are 25,000 college football players and every year the NFL drafts 192 (6 rounds x 32 teams), less than 1% make it into the pros from college. To be exact.... .768 of a percent make it. The 25,000 number is from Div 1A & FBS only (actual number is 26,400), Div II and Div III have 21,360 players. Not including NAIA schools, which is another 4,876. So in essence your chances to be one of the 253 drafted (2012) or one of 224 UFA (undrafted free agents) is .005 for drafted or .010 including UFA's. Average tenure in NFL 2.57 years, 17% have a degree, 78% no longer playing file bankruptcy. Stay in school and get your degree, or go back to school use the FASFA to pay for you to get your degree.

How do colleges find athletes for there colleges?

There are many types of recruiting services out there. If you are looking to get recruited, maybe with a scholarship) I believe your best bet would be a company called Finding Athletes see link below

Are college athletes compensated for their injuries?

Yes, they are awarded medical red shirts depending on the amount of the season played, and sport, which allow them another year of eligibility. If they are scholarship recipients they are able to carry out that year of eligibility even if their schooling is complete; As far as monetary compensation, No, other than paid medical bills and transportation etc.

What happens if college athletes get paid?

Do you think you have a problem with education now?? If athletes were paid to play college ball, that would be the only reason they would go, not to learn. The same would happen in high school, they would think, I am gonna get paid in college cause I can play so why do I have to learn.

How long do Athletic trainers have to go to college?

It depends on how quickly you can earn a degree and find a job. Here's what you need to do: . Complete a degree in athletic training at an accredited college. You will need to earn at least a bachelors degree to be considered for an athletic trainer position with a professional organization. . Study nutrition, psychology, therapeutic exercise, human anatomy and physiology, and gain clinical experience for 2 years under an approved instructor. This clinical study should include an internship, on-the-job training on a sports field during a game and lab work. . Attain state certification. Athletic trainers in most states need to meet certain requirements before they start their first day of work. Check the laws in your state and be sure to have certification before applying for a position. . Contemplate working for a sports team. Depending on your training and temperament, you can pursue a position with a baseball, football or hockey team. Being an athletic trainer for a sports team involves interaction with many different personalities, travel and a high pressure environment in addition to constant treatment of injuries. This high-profile job pays well, but be sure you can handle the pressure before applying. . Contact athletic trainer organizations about job openings. Your college will also help you set up job interviews and assist with job placement prior to graduation.

Should you pay college athletes?

The NCAA does $500 million yearly which doesn't factor in their earnings from the football bowls, which run around $300 million. This doesn't seem fair for some athletes. Their jerseys get sold and they don't get a cent. The NCAA video games get sold but the players don't get slice of the revenue. An athelete usually sees his/her coach making much money and these contracts usually worth millions of dollars. It happens such that their exploits in the game that draws in their crowds. If their schools make millions from sponsorship deals, the players shoudl also get a share, which they don't. it doesn't seem right since they work hard to achieve and their achievements aren't realised.

Where do NCAA athletes go after college?

Depending on their sport and skill level, some NCAA athletes will go on to become professional athletes. However, the vast majority will go on to live a normal life working a job pertaining to their degree.

How do you begin to get recruited into college athletics?

Depends alot on the sport. Start by emailing different coaches (be annoying and persistant!) This gets your name out there. Or else you can also try registering your name in some online websites that work on connecting the sponsors who are willing to help deserving athletes by giving some scholarships or any other financial support.

What do athletes have to study in college?

I'm sure they can study whatever they want. They just have something extra to worry about in school besides their education. They focus on their specific sport and go to school to get a degree in a field they can fall back on after their glory years.